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Victor by Brianna West (Guardians In Love Book 1)

by Brianna West

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Guardians in Love - Book 1
Publisher: Brianna West
Publication Date: February 13, 2016
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 248 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

*A companion series to Promiscus Guardians series and standalone paranormal romance*

Lilly Hughes, pureblood witch and Guardian-in-training, has worked arduously the last three years to become the best Guardian in her class in hopes of securing a position on Lucas Easton's team, the highest coveted position in the Guardians and the team her late mother was a member of. However, she suffers from a dangerously clumsy nature that threatens to make that dream just that, a dream.

Until she meets Victor, supervising angel to Lucas Easton's team and active member on the Promiscus Guardian council. He's an angel with a gentlemanly demeanor and incredible looks that immediately turns her bad luck for good. Or does he? His gentle nature is hiding a dark secret, a past that Lilly has been desperate to know since she was told of how her mother perished in a mission.

What is Victor's connection to it? How can she control these subsurface desires for the one man who might hold the key to her future and the secret behind her mother's death? Will it ultimately lead to tragedy?

Victor by Brianna West (Guardians In Love Book 1)

Victor (Guardians In Love Book 1)Victor gives new meaning to the term HOT WINGS. I almost feared repercussions for my thoughts about an angel, Victor, to be specific. Brianna West is back with a hotter-than-Hades heavenly hero and just about the most adorable heroine ever. Every hero needs his heroine, his perfect match, a yin to his yang, or more accurately for Victor, his YIKES to his yang and the determined, yet not-quite-graceful-as-a gazelle, Lilly is it. Problem is, Victor is the boss, the cool, calm collected and gentlemanly supervising angel that can kill in an instant and Lilly is a Guardian-in-training, a pureblood witch and at the top of her class, with that little stumbling problem and a huge goal.

Lily wants to be selected for her dream team, the top team, the one her mother was part of when she was killed. She wants to honor her mother’s memory, but is she good enough? Victor knows more than he’s saying about that horrendous battle and he has discovered something about Lilly that could bring him to his knees, so protecting her while training her has become his goal. Surprise, surprise, surprise, Lilly does NOT want to be coddled or protected she wants action, she wants to be the best that she can be, she wants to know about the mother who was a fierce Guardian. Even her less than pure thoughts about the hunk of an angel will not stop her, so she thinks. And as they say, the plot thickens...

Let the games of danger, delights, hidden secrets and emotions begin as an ancient angel and a young witch brew up a batch of steaming romance in their cat and mouse game of let’s pretend no one notices how we feel by denying it, ourselves. Dump in some guilt, some innocence and that oh-so-necessary dialogue and attitude and expect to be lost in the world of Brianna West’s imagination.

Ms. West knows what paranormal readers want and she delivers! Brilliant characters, each with true-to-life personalities, the ongoing good versus evil wars and enough spicy heat to sneak up on you like a fresh Serrano pepper, you’ll be singing her praises as you do the book happy dance!

I received this copy from the author, Brianna West in exchange for my honest review.

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