Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Blanket for Decay (Their Dead Lives, 3) by Zack Scott

A Blanket for Decay
by Zack Scott

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Their Dead Lives - Book 3
Publisher: Zack Scott Publishing (April 3, 2016)
Publication Date: April 3, 2016
Genre: Thriller | Scifi
Print Length: 527 pages
Available from: Amazon

Snow falls across California as the conflict between the Arrows of America and Hunters of Cali escalates into a brutal war.

Jeff, Scot, Alec and Kale are caught in the middle of the bloodbath. As bodies fall and true intentions are discovered, the four guys will decide once and for all what side they fight for... or maybe no side at all.

Meanwhile, Agent Lea Gallo uncovers the terrifying truth inside the Vault.

A Blanket for Decay (Their Dead Lives, 3) by Zack Scott

A Blanket for Decay (Their Dead Lives, 3)From the days of high school, four men have held a bond of secrecy, a bond that may forge their futures in more ways than they could ever know and it started at The Well. The zombie apocalypse has come and the battle for what is left is bitter, filled with power-crazed factions and life is a living Hell. Once again, Scot, Jeff, Alec and Kale must decide who to trust, who to kill and how far that trust will go. They are changed, mutated, and battle-scarred, but Fate still lies ahead of them and they must now choose where to stand, not only in the final battles, but with each other. Is there enough humanity left within them to build a life after all they have been through? Who will live, who will die and who will be the biggest betrayer of all? Somewhere lurks the Embracer of Death, the final challenge for humanity…will this also be their final battle for life? Will they survive?

Whoa! Zack Scott’s world is a living or maybe not so living nightmare of epic proportions and we have come to the end of the journey with A Blanket for Decay. Probably a good thing, I think I have worn down my nails, frayed my nerves and put lasting finger prints in the edge of my chair! Filled with more gore, more blood, more death and more battles, Mr. Scott keeps the pace running full throttle and the twists are deadly wicked. Scot, Jeff, Alec and Kale have their share of issues between them, but throughout this series, each has a human side, a side filled with perfectly timed dark humor, attitude and sheer grit. For science fiction lovers, you will be blown away. For zombie lovers, and admit, there are a lot of us out there, as well as government conspiracy addicts, space alien enthusiasts, because we KNOW it’s always the little green men, (right?), this is pure reading bliss. Zack Scott doesn’t skimp on words or scenes filled with action, his conflict is volcanic, the guts and gore, let’s just say it is necessary, trust me. Let’s just say, he ended on a very high note!

I received this copy from Zack Scott in exchange for my honest review.