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A Dangerous Love by G.J. Cox

A Dangerous Love
by G.J. Cox

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: January 22, 2015
Publisher: G.J. Cox
ISBN: 1507584962
Genre: Contemporary Romance | Suspense
Print Length: 259 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
I’m the local sheriff of a small Montana town. Blue is the owner of the local pub. We have a great friendship, but I’m starting to want more. I’m not sure when Blue had become so important to me, or when I started to see her in a light other than friendship. All I know is that I want her, badly. She’s a little hesitant, at first, to get involved, but I finally convince her to go out on a ‘real’ date with me.

Soon after our initial date, she starts getting harassed and threatened. Her pub is even set on fire. Someone is after her, and we don’t know who or why, but it definitely has something to do with her involvement with me. Will our new, budding relationship survive the turmoil and danger?  

A Dangerous Love by G.J. Cox

A Dangerous LoveShouldn’t being wrapped in the long and strong arms of the law be about the safest place ever? For Blue, being in Cash’s arms is a dream come true. For Cash, he has finally found the woman of his dreams, but life is about to become a nightmare as two people find that falling in love can be a dangerous move.

Blue is one tough cookie, out of necessity as a bar owner in the small Montana town, but should a lady have to drop a huge and nasty biker on her own? Is it possible that the brute is out to avenge his broken nose and bruised ego or has a woman scorned and scorned again by the hot sheriff out to get even with Blue? Either way, since going public with Cash, her life has become one brush with danger after another. From their passionate dance under the sheets to the flames that are destroying their lives, the heat is on high, the tension is full throttle and this little town will never be the same again.

A Dangerous Love by G.J. Cox is sinfully sweet, a little humorous at times, definitely hotter than a jalapeƱo in July and a great read when something short and sassy is needed. Follow the POV of both Cash and Blue as their inner thoughts and conflicts are shared. G.J. Cox mixes a down home feel with spice and a big dollop of mysterious danger that even the sheriff will have trouble solving without Blue by his side.

I received this copy from G.J. Cox in exchange for my honest review.

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