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Discovered Mate: A Tale of Desire and Chess by Todd Caldwell

Discovered Mate
A Tale of Desire and Chess
by Todd Caldwell

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: February 28, 2016
Publisher: Todd Caldwell
Genre: 18+ Erotic Fiction
Print Length: 125 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Sam is smart, crazy, intense, addicted to intensity, and Alex knows it. And it annoys the hell out of her. Not that Alex would mind a little intensity. Or a lot. Four years of college and all she has to be proud of are good grades. She begs her friend Sophie for something fun, and Sophie invites Alex to dinner and chess with friends, including Sam. But dinner and chess isn't the kind of fun Alex wants. Then Sophie drops her bomb.

"It's strip chess, Alex."

Sam sees Alex as a good opponent, and a good girl. How will he react if he sees the rest of her? That might be more intensity than Alex can handle.

Discovered Mate: A Tale of Desire and Chess by Todd Caldwell

Discovered Mate: A Tale of Desire and ChessDo you remember your college days? Did you suffer from the Freshman Five? Did you take maximum advantage of your freedom or were you the serious student who had goals set for yourself and didn’t let anything get in your way? Alex was a paragon of study, forgoing fun for grades, but after that final test, she realized she had no wild stories to look back on in the future. Get ready to watch Alex release her every fantasy and that inner party girl that she has kept hidden for so long! And it all started with dinner and a game of Chess.

Chess? Exciting or wild? Sure is when you are playing strip chess, and the loser not only ends up naked, but must do dares from the other players involved. Todd Caldwell’s Discovered Mate: A Tale of Desire and Chess is a comical and erotic tale of one girl’s most enlightening day ever. What this tale lacks in real plot, it makes up for in humor, the reaction to the first penis sighting ever, and a chance for romance for Alex as her inner siren comes of age with a blistering coming out!

Todd Caldwell has written a truly fun read for adults, as we watch one young girl get the college experience of her life and learns to deal with it with gusto!

I received this copy from Todd Caldwell in exchange for my honest review.

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