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Ghost (Lost Gun, #1) by Lindsey Elyse

by Lindsey Elyse

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Lost Gun - Book 1
Publisher: Lindsey Elyse (December 27, 2015)
Publication Date: December 27, 2015
Genre: Dark Romantic Thriller
Print Length: 222 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Life was simple, until I kidnapped her.

Ghost. The name of a man who is known for his ability to do the impossible. Of course, a hitman of his caliber is hard to find and his skills do not come cheap. Ghost has trained himself to be cold. A necessity when eliminating his victims. Take a job, complete it, get paid. Nothing more. Do as you're told. He has been successful with every hit he was assigned. When living in this hellhole some call a town, a man finds him and asks Ghost for his services. Accepted. First target, a girl. Heiress to the White family. Easy. A simple hit. This girl, that when he puts the gun to her head, intrigues him more than she should. He hesitates. What to do? Follow orders? Or take the first step down a road that could destroy him?

Ghost (Lost Gun, #1) by Lindsey Elyse

Ghost (Lost Gun, #1)He is death, waiting in the shadows, an assassin for hire, part man and part monster, he is the legend known as the Ghost. There is no room in his life for complications, or conscience and he stands alone, like a fortress against the world of attachments, until he broke his own rule and saved an innocent young woman’s life, hiding her instead of killing her.

In a world where mobs rule and there are always wars, he is the secret weapon, but now he is caught between two families vying for power at any cost and neither knows he holds the daughter of one boss in his apartment, while each are willing to pay for his services. Does he play them off one another or does he go to the highest bidder? What of his captive? She is burrowing into his heart, the heart he didn’t think he still had and that causes distractions. Distractions cause mistakes, mistakes cause death, quite possibly his…

Lindsey Elyse has drawn a dark and twisted plot, as we are invited into the mind of a killer and learn what makes him tick, how he plans for all possibilities from deceit, a trap, to tests of his allegiance. Cold and calculating, yet with a gaping wound of loneliness that festers more with each day he is near his captive, an innocent pawn, a powerful tool, a deadly secret to keep.

With a bold writing style, Lindsey Elyse holds nothing back, from the detailed scenes of gunfights to the ease with which one man can kill. Still, it is hard to reconcile that the Ghost is a criminal as his human side emerges, raw and untamed. If you like taught and tense thrillers filled with suspense where the ending is so far around the next bend that you cannot figure it out, do yourself a favor and try Ghost on for size!

I received this copy from Lindsey Elyse in exchange for my honest review.

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