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Her Best Friend's Lover by Shiloh Walker

Her Best Friend's Lover

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Written by: Shiloh Walker

Print Length: 238 pages
Publisher: Shiloh Walker, Inc.
Publication Date: April 15, 2016

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Dale Stoner loved women, and women seemed to love him right back. He danced around the line that led to seriousness, but any time one woman got too close, he two-stepped back, quick and pretty as you please. He’s fallen in love before and he doesn’t want to go that route again. No woman was ever going to get close to him again.

The only exception is his best friend, Lauren. She’s the only one who really matters. But she’s his friend…and guys don’t sleep with their best friends, do they?

Lauren wasn’t the kind of woman to believe in love at first sight, but then she met Dale. He’s everything she shouldn’t want—a flirt, a woman chaser…and he’s also in love with somebody else.

But one hot, steamy night changes everything…

My Review
Her Best Friend's LoverHer Best Friend's Lover by Shiloh Walker

Dale is a man whore, sleeping away his lost love by imagining each of his conquests as his ex-girlfriend.

Lauren is Dale’s neighbor and has been in love with Dale since the moment she set eyes on him.

Dale has completely friend zoned Lauren until one night when he received a letter from his ex. The letter told him that she was pregnant with another child which drove Dale into a drunken bender. When Lauren comes over he forcibly pursues her sexually until she consents to give him her virginity up against a wall.

Lauren becomes pregnant and Dale decides to become her support, her coach and finally starts to notice Lauren as a potential interest.

Lauren is afraid, after a life time of being abandon, to open up to anyone and decides not to tell anyone who the father of her baby is…Dale. Keeping Dale in the dark long after he's proven he's worth the chance.

Dale is plagued by erotic dreams of the shadowed vision of a woman he took during his bender, not knowing it was Lauren.

I am a little conflicted on this one. The steam factor on Her Best Friend’s Lover would be 5 burning stars but the actually story only hit a 3 (I want to shake the crap out of you, you idiots) stars. There is heartfelt emotion and character connection which bumps my finally rating to 4 stars.

I received this ARC copy of Her Best Friend's Lover from Shiloh Walker, Inc. in exchange for a honest review. This book is set for publication April 15, 2016.

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