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Money, Power & Sex: A Love Story by Norian F. Love

Money, Power & Sex: A Love Story
by Norian F. Love

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Project 7 Publishing (April 18, 2016)
Publication Date: April 18, 2016
Genre: Erotic Romance
Print Length: 264 pages
Available from: Amazon

 Four Lives, four separate motives, one unbelievable outcome. Follow this twisting tale, full of romance, action, suspense and drama. Watch each person desperately try to reach their desires and discover why they are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to answer one question. How far are you willing to go for Money, Power and Sex?

 Money, Power & Sex: A Love Story by Norian F. Love

Money, Power & Sex: A Love StoryDo you think you know what is most important to you? Their lives became intertwined in a brutal battle for control of Money, Power & Sex. Who will be the winner, or will they all become the biggest losers in the end? Enter the lives of two women and two men whose common ground is that they each want at least one thing, but the webs of deceit, the need to be loved and the quest for power and the almighty dollar make them fodder for heartbreak if they do not learn to prioritize what is truly important in life before it is too late.

Nichelle wants independence, she wants the best of everything, but she fell for a man who tried to make fast money, the illegal way, the way that get you prison time. Picking up the pieces and moving on, she found Lucas, everything Donovan wasn’t. Never did she suspect Donovan would come slivering back into her life and take over where he left off. But what about Lucas?

Donovan, a thief, an ex-con, a man on a mission to get his part of the take from that last robbery that went wrong and he wasn’t above killing to get it, after all, he was owed his cut, right? He wanted to make a life for himself and Nichelle, make a new start, so he said, but first he needed that stolen money…someone had it and he would kill them when he found them. His brutal way with Nichelle held a sick fascination for her and it would cost her dearly.

Enter Ronnie, Nichelle’s biggest competition at work for higher positions, more money. While Ronnie had a good head for business, she has an inside edge, so she thought and all it took was her body to seal the deal. When she realized she could wrap Lucas around her baby finger, she had her eye on the prize, but things didn’t go as she planned.

Lucas was a man of honor and heart, he even took in shelter animals. A successful businessman, looking to find the woman of dreams, he instead found his inner animal that liked sex a little less gentile and a little more rough. He gave his heart to the woman he wanted to marry, and she cheated on him, making him an easy target for a driven woman with a streak for revenge a mile long, no matter who got bulldozed over along the way. He became a pawn between Nichelle and Ronnie.

Norian F. Love has created a harsh and brutal world and filled it with characters that are all looking for something, too bad they weren’t prepared for the price it would cost them if they ever discovered what it was they truly wanted. Mr. Love’s characters are flawed, sometimes na├»ve, often filled with deceit and even more often out to hurt others with their games. Of the four, Lucas was the most likable, the most honorable and often the one hurt the most as he dashed in like a knight in shining armor. He was a fish out of water in the worlds Nichelle, Donovan and Ronnie lived in.

Mr. Love has a way with words, using bold strokes of his pen and dark shadows hovering all around. This is not a soft romance, it is a gritty take on what happens when people want too much and lose focus on the important things. Highly, highly recommended for readers who want to truly feel a story, whether you like what is happening or not, you will be pulled into an eye-opening, and sometimes heart-wrenching world that may leave you feeling a little bruised.

I received an ARC edition from Norian F. Love in exchange for my honest review.

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