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Oh Hell No! by John Freitas

Oh Hell No!
by John Freitas

My rating: 3 It's too darn short stars

Series: Pulse - Novella 3
Publication Date: October 15, 2015
Publisher: John Freitas
Genre: Scifi
Print Length: 39 pages
Available from: Amazon
 When a disease ravages the population in a not too distant future, a group of scientists decide to break the law and travel back in time to try and fix the problem in an unusual way. But a Vietnam veteran refuses to cooperate with the time travelers plan.

 Oh Hell No! by John Freitas

Oh Hell No!The devastation of the Pulse is felt by Earth’s survivors far into the future, as they become disease ridden feeding grounds for another creature that was changed so long ago. The only hope for survival is to go back in time and make an alternation that will have far-reaching ramifications. Will they cause a chain reaction that could be worse than what they are currently facing? What they are about to do is illegal, but if they die in the past, it won’t matter. Human time-travelers from the future have morphed into anything but contemporary looking humans, will they achieve their goal or be stopped by an old war veteran who thinks he has had one drink too many?

Oh Hell No by John Freitas is a fast, I mean FAST read that actually has a terrific story in very few words. Truly, this is one story I would l want expanded on, there are too many unanswered questions to let it go so quickly. With all of his proven talent as a science fiction author, able to transport his readers into whatever realm he wants, a full length novel would be a delight!

I received this copy from John Freitas in exchange for my honest review.

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