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Raw by Solange Poirier (Ambition, #1)

Raw (Ambition Series #1)Raw
by Solange Poirier

My rating: 4.5 stars

My Rating: 4.5 Stars
Series: Ambitions - Book 1
Original publication date: November 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance

The McHugh and Monroe families have been at odds for over ten years.

Neal McHugh, a college student, working as a server at a sushi restaurant has been trying desperately to get out from under his father’s thumb. He refuses to work for his father’s company, and becoming the person his parents are trying to force him to be.

Drew Monroe, the black sheep of her family, is an employee at the local adult themed store. With a witty attitude and covered in tattoos she is far from the vision her mother had planned out for her from the moment she was born.

Drawn to each other from the first time Drew eats at Raw they are completely unaware of each other’s family backgrounds. Can they withstand the family drama, or will their parents succeed in being able to put a stop to their growing relationship, and get Neal once again focused on the life he is supposed to lead?

Raw is book one in an interconnected series. No cliffhanger, with a HEA ending.

*Due to adult content 18+*

Raw by Solange Poirier (Ambition, #1)

The quest for “MORE” by a powerful and very dysfunctional family. The determination to hang on to a piece of family history and heart strings by another very dysfunctional family. Will their feud reach new heights of hatred and deceit, when their children find a tentative interest in each other blossoms into the kind of friendship and love that has a future if they can only hold on? Raw, by Solange Poirier is a modern day version of an ancient theme, the battle of love and independence versus greed, power and control, a battle that should NEVER exist within the bounds of “family.”

Neal has grown up being groomed to take over the family “empire.” What his family wanted, he did, not as much out of lack of backbone, but because he didn’t grasp that he had a choice. His first act of “rebellion” was to move out on his own, support himself and taste the sweetness of freedom of becoming an adult. He is the coverboy for clean-cut, honorable and vanilla, the kind of young man any mother would want for her daughter.

Drew is the family rebel, covered in tatts, beautiful, free-spirited and unafraid to speak her mind to anyone. Raised by a mother who is demeaning, hateful and always disappointed in her and a father who hasn’t the backbone to stand up for his daughter and protect her, Drew has built a protective shield around her that sends off “Do Not Tread on Me-Or Else,” vibes. Will their attraction to each other be tainted and brutally destroyed by their families or will their hearts become the conduit that cements them in the first honest relationship they have ever had?

Solange Poirier’s Raw is exactly that, a tale that will leave no one unscathed and raw; not the characters or the readers. Prepare to feel for the underdogs, despise and pity the parents who should never have been allowed to procreate. From start to finish, there is high angst, high tension, sweet romance and monsters lurking in every corner trying to tear Drew and Neal apart. Love from the past may be the only savior for these two. Ms. Poirier has penned a tale of young romance that will rivet you to each page and every secret.

I received this copy from Solange Poirier in exchange for my honest review.


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