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Stripped & Bound by Rebecca Moon

Stripped & Bound
by Rebecca Moon

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: July 6, 2016
Publisher: Rebecca Moon
ISBN-13: 2940152918144
Genre: Erotica
Available from: iTunes | Barnes & Noble | Kobo
Nick Escrow is the most eligible bachelor in the Warnum-Bailiff district. The handsome vet is suave, sexy and intelligent, and considered the ultimate gentleman. But Nick has a dark, sexual side to him that he discovers after his brother is incarcerated for supposed sex crimes. In an attempt to understand his brother and the girls Jamie had been found with, Nick discovers a depravity of his own.
Guilt over Jamie’s conviction and subsequent jail term plagues Nick and creates an inner beast that demands attention. The type that can be found at the hands of a dominatrix. Very aware that his two worlds need to be kept separate, Nick plays the role of the complete gentleman in public, maintaining a flawless persona, whilst his activity behind closed doors gives him the outlet he requires to hold all the pieces together.
Creating and ideal that he tries to live by, Nick starts dating Kiera, a quiet admin assistant, who’s breeding and upbringing make her the perfect partner to raise him higher in aristocratic circles. Kiera is sweet and pretty but when Nick meets Sue, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to her. Nick is driven to distraction with his own feelings for Sue and finds that he needs to rethink his whole life plan. Does he want the “perfect” life, or does he want to be truly happy?

 Stripped & Bound by Rebecca Moon

Stripped & BoundFor all of his gentle and caring side for animals, his gentlemanly ways and his dashing good looks, the handsome vet had a very dark side when it came to sexual gratification. No one would suspect that Nick liked to be dominated behind closed doors and he paid well for his fetish. With an older brother who had shamed his gentile family by being incarcerated as a sex offender, only Nick had learned what could possibly be the appeal.

Now forced to live a dual life, the side the world sees is that of a caring man with quiet grace within society. He dates accordingly, but is still in need of his naughty fix. The day Sue walks into his life is the day his world will be changed forever. Not only does she make him question what he wants from life, but his brother, Jamie is not the dark sexual monster everyone believed. One family and one son will discover that happiness trumps precisely planned futures and the love for and from one woman is all it took.

Never one to shy from erotic writing, Rebecca Moon has once again, gone beyond searing the pages with passion and heat while sharing a little of what goes on behind closed doors or between the sheets. Stripped & Bound also delves into the budding romance of two people who learn to trust and feel the freedom of letting go. Nick is far from the man in the shadows lusting for pain, he is a man with something missing in his life, afraid to go for what he wants as it veers from the life so well-planned out. Ms. Moon has written with a passion and boldness that both endears her style and her characters to her readers while taking the whispered secrets away from a lifestyle many may be curious about, but rarely venture into.

I received an ARC edition from Rebecca Moon in exchange for my honest review.

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