Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Day I Wore Purple by Jake Vander Ark

The Day I Wore Purple
by Jake Vander Ark

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: March 21, 2016
Publisher: Jake Vander Ark
ISBN: 1329873580
Genre: Science Fiction
Print Length: 506 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Jonathon and Gavin Nightly are in love with Hannah Lasker, a gifted artist on the verge of a meltdown. Their lives spiral toward heartbreak with the release of a controversial vaccine that grants eternal life. This "miracle cure" is only the beginning of a true-to-life technological takeover that pits friendships against progress, science against faith, and love against time.

From a subtle drama set in 1970s Chicago to the perils of the distant future, The Day I Wore Purple escalates rapidly into a mind-blowing tapestry of unrequited love and colliding galaxies.

The Day I Wore Purple by Jake Vander Ark

The Day I Wore PurpleControversy, scientific discoveries, human introspection and love all play a part in this completely absorbing book that spans time, change and a new way of living when time is no object. Author Jake Vander Ark takes fearless writing to a new level, boldly telling his tale with a style and pace that is part chaotic, part mesmerizing and completely magnetic. The Day I Wore Purple is going to take you into a future world that is not too far-fetched to believe, a world where living for eternity has been made possible and the ramifications of eternal life are explored, dissected and put under a microscope by the characters involved.

Is it wrong to want to live forever? If world populations are outgrowing our planet now, how will it not become worse in the future? How will people stay mentally engaged or will they become strangers to real interaction?

Follow Gavin, Jonathon and Hannah as they become part of a world trapped between the power of Faith, the dynamics of an uncharted world, and the desire to live forever. Will love and marriage become a conceptual relic now that there is little chance of “til death do us part?” What of having children?

Ask yourself how you would react to living forever. How many new rules, laws and mandates would be needed? What would you do with your time? To say I am totally impressed with the strength and conviction Jake Vander Ark has in himself and his style of writing would be an understatement. Forget breezing through this one, it is long, it is intense and it is thought provoking as one woman struggles with her feelings toward living for eternity versus trusting in the unknown of death and Faith in a higher power. Mr. Vander Ark doesn’t ask us to like everyone in his tale or to even like some of the concepts, but you WILL find yourself lost in what he has presented and quite possibly re-reading it in the future, as I will. Take a trip into the unbelievable and find yourself believing that just maybe this is could be humanity’s future or its demise. A must read !

I received this copy from Jake Vander Ark in exchange for my honest review.

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