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The Lonely Ones by Kelsey Sutton

The Lonely Ones
by Kelsey Sutton

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Philomel Books
Publication Date: April 26, 2016
ISBN: 9780399172892
Genre: YA
Print Length: 230 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

When your only friend is your own endless imagination, how do you escape your mind and connect to the world around you?

With parents too busy to pay her attention, an older brother and sister who would rather spend their time with friends, and peers who oscillate between picking on her and simply ignoring her, it's no wonder that Fain spends most of her time in a world of her own making. During the day, Fain takes solace in crafting her own fantastical adventures in writing, but in the darkness of night, these adventures come to life as Fain lives and breathes alongside a legion of imaginary creatures. Whether floating through space or under the sea, climbing mountains or traipsing through forests, Fain becomes queen beyond - and in spite of - the walls of her bedroom.

In time, Fain begins to see possibilities and friendships emerge in her day-to-day reality. . . yet when she is let down by the one relationship she thought she could trust, Fain must decide: remain queen of the imaginary creatures, or risk the pain that comes with opening herself up to the fragile connections that exist only in the real world? Told in breathless and visual verse, THE LONELY ONES takes readers through the intricate inner workings of a girl who struggles to navigate isolation and finds friendship where she least expects it.

The Lonely Ones by Kelsey Sutton

The Lonely OnesHave you ever felt soul-deep loneliness? Imagine growing up feeling lonely, different, not quite in step with the rest of the world, an unimportant extra in the cast of life. That is how Fain, a young girl, feels as she makes her own friends in her imagination that come to her window at night and take her to a special place where she is noticed. During her waking hours, she has her fantastical stories that she writes to fill her lonely hours, but how can she learn to connect to the rest of the world, to be noticed if she would rather live in the world of her mind?

The object of ridicule and bullying because she is different, reality is a painful place for Fain as she navigates the brutality of school and the youthful ignorance of others.

Follow Fain’s journey and feel her pain, the wonder of the world she must create to survive and her inner strength she possesses to endure reality. Discover the moment she realizes her worth and shed a few tears for her along the way. The Lonely Ones by Kelsey Sutton is written in a manner that flows from word to word with the cadence of poetic prose perfectly befitting the mood the author has created and the emotional turmoil as felt through a young girl’s heart. Painfully beautiful, emotionally magnetic, this is a must read for young adults, teens and anyone who has a heartbeat or an ounce of compassion for others.

I received an ARC edition from PENGUIN GROUP Penguin Young Readers Group in exchange for my honest review.


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