Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Quantum Brain by John Freitas

The Quantum Brain
by John Freitas

My rating: 3.5 stars because I needed more of this fantastic tale.
Series: Pulse - Novella 2
Publication Date: March 30, 2016
Publisher: John Freitas
Genre: Scifi
Number of Pages: 111
Available from: Amazon

Dr. Thomas Kell has created one of the greatest breakthroughs in the history of the world. Mark Spencer knows that a powerful gravitational wave is coming through the Earth. He plans to use this event to complete his greatest power and money grab ever. When CDR, Kell’s employer, hires Mark to upgrade security, Dr. Kell’s and his new discovery become Mark’s new target.

CDR is a dangerous target though and when the coming gravitational wave is discovered by the world, everything becomes more complicated for everyone. Dr. Kell’s creation may have plans of its own too

The Quantum Brain by John Freitas
The Quantum BrainJust when one of the world’s greatest achievements has been born under the brilliance of Dr. Thomas Kell, the devastation of life on Earth is hurtling toward the planet and no one will be left untouched. Dr. Kell is oblivious to the danger, as are the world of scientific greats. Who could believe that a massive gravitational pulse is going to run through Earth? Mark knew and the talented computer hacking genius is going to be prepared to be rich, powerful and in control. Mark is a computer thief, a master of breaking and entering via code. When offered the chance of a lifetime to discover what Dr. Kell has actually created, through a real job opportunity, how could Mark resist as he hopes it will play right into his diabolical schemes? And then, the wave hits, the devastation is catastrophic, but Mark has his eye on the prize, but will he be able to control it or understand what he has?

Greed, the world’s most disgusting, yet often most powerful driving force is the showcase of John Freitas’ latest short tale, The Quantum Brain. One man’s piece of history becomes one man’s target, even in the face of devastation. A Brilliant plot on the part of John Freitas, with so much more meat than the number of pages would suggest. This tale is another that could stand well as a full sized novel and John Freitas has the talent to pull it off and pick up several five star reviews!

I received this copy from John Freitas in exchange for my honest review.

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