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The Third Throne: Angel of Vengeance by Tabitha Barret

The Third Throne: Angel of Vengeance
by Tabitha Barret

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: March 20, 2016
Publisher: Tabitha Barret
Genre: Paranormal Romance | Angels
Print Length: 510 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

When a dangerous drug lord escapes from the Realm of Nightmares in Hell, he finds a way to raise his former gang members from the dead in an effort to seek revenge against his enemies. Anjali must hunt the prisoners and drag them back to Hell. She will enlist the help of a handsome mortal who has more knowledge of her world than he should. Together, they will try to stop a war that could obliterate an entire city.

Balthazar, the Angel of Vengeance, has suffered at the hands of Lucifer and the Predznak for centuries. He blames the absence of his Master, Anjali, for his pain. He made a promise long ago to kill his loathsome master. Hatred and anger cloud his mind and his only salvation may come from the very person he is desperate to kill.

Can Anjali protect herself from Balthazar’s need for retribution, while keeping a horde of rotting corpses from causing chaos in the streets? Can she unlock the mystery surrounding the unusual appearance of the deadly creatures?

The Third Throne: Angel of Vengeance is the third installment in the award winning Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance series.

Please note that this book is intended for Mature Readers due to violence, sexual content, and strong language.  

 The Third Throne: Angel of Vengeance by Tabitha Barret

The Third Throne: Angel of VengeanceHe was supposed to be dead, executed in prison, all nice and legal, his fate was to spend eternity in the realm of Nightmares. Somehow, the drug lord escaped Hell and is walking the Earth again, with amazing powers, and almost unstoppable. Because it is her realm, Anjali must stop him and his minions, dragging them back to Hell. Clearly she is in over her head, she doesn’t even know what she is fighting, but a mere mortal man steps into her life, and together they make unlikely allies in a war with creatures that even Heaven doesn’t recognize.

For the centuries that her angels suffered, before Anjali understood and accepted her position as one of the most powerful angels in Hell, the torment waged against her soldiers was so brutal that one could not forgive or forget what he went through. Balthazar wants revenge, he wants Anjali dead, after she suffers like he did. Will she be able to convince him she was sorry, that she had no idea, that she needs him and his gifts as the Angel of Vengeance? Or will dark spirits created long ago invade and overtake the consciousness of both Balthazar and the walking dead from Hell? The angels have sent armies before and barely won, but this battle could be the beginning of the end for humanity. Is this the forerunner to the Great Apocalypse?

Tabitha Barret’s The Third Throne: Angel of Vengeance is another devilishly brilliant tale in the Third Throne series. Ms. Barret doesn’t just plot out her tale, write it down and flesh it out, she has created a world filled with chaos, and does NOT scrimp on details are character development. You want characters that live and breathe? You want to see the good side of beings we think of as bad? Hades, Lucifer and even Anjali have humane sides, they care, love, have and just “feel” and that is what helps draw me in to Tabitha Barret’s tales. This isn’t a spiritual read, but it does tell the purpose of having dark angels, and it all starts with humans being given free choice, the ability to decide between good and evil, so there must be temptations to overcome. From page one, Tabitha Barret takes us on a journey the through Hell and back, literally and I for one am going to watch how I use my freedom of choice.

I received this copy from Tabitha Barret in exchange for my honest review.

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