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The WINNER of Cain S. Latrani's RISE Giveaway is:

A Fantasy Like No Other
Lisa W

has won an eCopy from Cain S. Latrani
by Cain S. Latrani

My Rating: 4.5 Stars
Series: War Witch - Book 1
Publisher: Booktrope Editions
Publication Date: December 22, 2015
Genre: Sci-fi | Fantasy
Print Length: 674 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

In the war between Heaven and Hell, mortals are the weapons. Granted Divine Power, the Blessed are agents of the Gods, seeking out the Demon Seed and showing them no mercy in an endless war for the fate of creation.

For one such Blessed, Ramora, mute warrior priestess of the God of War, saving the Middle World means hunting down the Dark Blessed who took everything from her. A fierce, strong, and clever Cleric, backed by a lost art of magic, she foolishly believes herself ready for the battles to come.

By her side, Chara, a young farm girl with an unusually agile mind, and a fate that may yet destroy her as she’s groomed by Heaven itself to be a weapon like none other. Her illusions of herself, and the nature of the world, will be stripped away as she faces absolute evil with nothing but her desire to stand firm.

Together, they will challenge Hell, and the most fearsome foe the world has ever seen.

 Rise (War Witch Book 1) by Cain S. Latrani

Rise (War Witch Book 1)An endless war for the fate of the world? A war between Heaven and Hell? Humans as pawns, as the fodder in battle? Sounds like another epic fantasy to me, but wait, this is written by Cain S. Latrani, so do NOT expect just another epic fantasy, hang on for a very unique take on Good versus Evil, gods and demigods, magic and the coming of age for one young girl who never quite fit in. Rise is going to change the way you look at epic fantasy as modern day dialogue is interspersed with Ye olde dialogue and topics rarely touched upon are major propellants in getting this tale off the ground.

Chara was to be wed to a man she didn’t even like, let alone love, as a matter of fact she had a lover, but theirs was a love of stolen minutes and secrets. When one of the Blessed crossed her path, her life, heart and soul would be forever changed. Ramora is the warrior priestess of the God of War, mute, she becomes close to Chara as she takes her from her small village and shows her the magic the world has to offer. Together they will journey on a quest to hunt down the Dark Blessed and free Middle Earth from its terror. Was Chara meant to be more than the wife of a baker? Was the heart of a warrior lying within just waiting to be honed to the sharpness of steel? As Chara travels and grows, she finds her heart being pulled in different directions and she must choose her own path, but is she ready? What of Ramora, when the greatest battle comes is she strong enough to persevere?

Settle in, get comfortable and prepare for the unexpected as Cain S. Latrani sets the stage, fleshes out his characters and takes us on a journey we won’t soon forget. Emotional at times, humorous and daring, this fantasy is not quite like any other. The journey is long, so take more than one sitting if you need it, falling back into Rise is easy, it is the leaving that’s hard. Once you catch the rhythm of this tale, and see the flaws and strengths of each character you may not be able to leave.
Tell us about Cain S. Latrani, the person, not the author

Oh, man. I am actually terrible at talking about myself. Mostly because I consider myself pretty boring. Or rather, uninteresting. Pretty much, I'm that guy that'll try to show you pictures of his cats. Then, if you don't run away fast enough, I'll invite you over to play board games with me and my girlfriend. Next thing you know, you're rolling up a Cleric for Dungeons & Dragons while I try to introduce you to anime like it's a religion.

Tell us three things about you that no one can find easily online

There is very little you can find out about me easily online. LOL! Regardless, here we go.

I worry excessively about things I have no control over. For example, during a thunderstorm, I'll be worried sick that lightening is going to hit the house and burn it down. Nothing I can do to prevent that, really, but I can't sleep until the storm passes, as if that will make nothing bad happen.

I'm very old fashioned, in very weird ways. Like, I have a Fedora and really want a nice classic suit to go with it. That's pretty much how I'd dress half the week. The other half would be for my Avatar Korra t-shirts.

Probably my greatest guilty pleasure is Hell's Kitchen. You know, the reality show with Gordon Ramsey yelling at people a lot? I've spent half my life in restaurant kitchens, so it's like this thing that is familiar to me. I guess what's fun about it is that I know the business, but I don't have to be doing any of it. That, and Gordon is very creative with his profanity.

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