Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Third Strike's the Charm by Nicci Carrera

Third Strike's the Charm
By Nicci Carrera
4.5 stars
 Super student Cara Cruz made it all the way through her prestigious MBA program only to choke on the last final. Ordered by her advisor to take the summer off and clear her head, she’s home in Lobster Cover for some fun before retaking the exam. If she fails a second time, she will lose her dream job offer in Chicago. Meanwhile her best friend happens to be her ex-boyfriend’s mom, which means close contact with the man who broke her heart. Twice. This time she’ll protect her heart no matter the cost.

Ex-major-league baseball pitcher Jason Ward blew his money, his elbow, and his love life. Now at home taking care of his mom and working on a new life plan, he wants Cara back, but he already struck out, didn’t he? Maybe not, and now his mission is to win her back without telling her the truth about why he really came home.

Winning at love will be the only play that counts.

Third Strike's the Charm by Nicci Carrera 

With only one foul on a bad play, Cara lost the man of her dreams.  Now she is home, after failing her final exam for her MBA, but her do-over is coming and she WILL graduate and take that job so far away. Coming home is bittersweet, because her best friend is Jason’s mother and Cara is not sure she can be that close to the man who broke her heart.

Jason had a promising career, he was a star major league pitcher, until an injury and some bad decisions cost him the game he loved. Now a caregiver for his mother, his life is taking a new direction and only one thing could make it perfect, having Cara back in his arms.  

Bad calls, broken hearts and secrets, the perfect recipe for disaster in a relationship and now two people are caught up in a twisted web of fear, fear of being hurt, of losing again, of wanting someone so badly, that any wrong word brings more grief. Lobster cove is home to yet another love affair on the rocks and Nicci Carrera is the master behind Third Strike’s the Charm as two wonderfully kind and caring people fail to communicate, share and leave the past behind. Will Cara find that Jason is more than the man she thought he was before it’s too late?

Without playing the high angst card, Nicci Carrera gives us a warm tale of love, loss and second chances with well-developed characters, a few heartaches, a touch of lies by omission and Cupid at bat, just waiting to bring in the winning run!

I received an ARC edition from Nicci Carrea in exchange for my honest review.

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