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To Win a Lady's Heart by Ingrid Hahn

To Win a Lady's Heart

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Written by: Ingrid Hahn
Paperback: 232 pages
Publisher: Entangled Publishing (March 7, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 168281159X
ISBN-13: 978-1682811597
Genre: Historical Regency Romance

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He has secretly admired her from afar…

England, 1811. When John Merrick, the Earl of Corbeau, is caught in a locked storeroom with Lady Grace, he has but one choice—marry her. He cannot bear to tarnish any woman’s reputation, least of all Lady Grace’s.

She has lost everything but her dignity…

Lady Grace Landon will do anything to help her mother and sisters, crushed and impoverished by her father’s disgrace. But throwing herself into the arms of her dearest friend’s older brother to trap him in marriage? Never.

Corbeau needs to prove that he loves her, despite her father’s misdeeds. After years of being an object of scorn, not even falling in love with Corbeau alters Lady Grace’s determination to not bring her disrepute upon another. However, if they don’t realize that the greatest honor is love given freely without regard to society’s censure, they stand to lose far more than they ever imagined.

My Review:
To Win a Lady's HeartTo Win a Lady's Heart by Ingrid Hahn

Lady Grace’s family social status and finances have been destroyed by her father’s actions prior to his death. Making her family social pariahs.

Lord John has always desired that Grace would stand by his side as his wife.

When they are accidently locked in a closet together John does the honorable thing and asks for Grace’s hand in marriage.

Grace would rather have John have a marriage of love than force John to make the sacrifice to save her honor.

John is socially inept in crowds, only doing well one on one, so there is a huge communication problem between John and Grace.

When it comes to a historical love story I'm all in. Swoon worthy characters make it even better.
I really enjoyed this story but around the half way through I realized that neither character was making any progress toward communication. There comes a time during a love story that one must realize the heart of other person to truly fall in love. Grace continued to push John away for over 90% of this story and that is where you lost me. That is also what this story was missing to make it an amazing read for me; the believability of these two people truly loving each other if neither had a clue of the other's heart.

I received this copy of To Win A Lady's Heart from Entangled Publishing in exchange for a honest review.

Ingrid Hahn:

I have a B.A. in Art History, I can sound out Attic Greek (plus or minus) and even tell you what one or two of the words mean, and I am the world’s worst administrative assistant. My love of reading has turned my mortgage payment into a book storage fee, which makes me the friend you never want to ask you for help moving. I have an unusual gremlin problem — as in, my fingers are chock full of the little buggers. This all adds up to the fact that the only thing I can be when I grow up is a writer.
Thankfully, I got a lucky break in life. I found a man with a superpower. He sees all these things I’ve listed as desirable qualities. Instead of running as far away as possible, he married me. We even have a few cats. For reasons of privacy, the felines have requested I keep their identities secret…all except Sulu, who requires supplicants (i.e., you) to pay homage. Food is preferable, but tummy petting will do in a pinch.
Oh, and we live in Metropolitan Washington, DC, which is pretty darn awesome due to the high concentration of the world’s best romance writers living in the area. I am endlessly pleased and grateful to count myself one among this fabulous community.

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