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Offshoots by Brian Clopper (We Kill Humans, #1)

by Brian Clopper

My rating: 5 stars

Series: We Kill Humans - Book 1
Publisher: Behemoth Books
Publication Date: March 15, 2016
Genre: YA Science Fiction | Fantasy | Action
Print Length: 195 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Maggie and Heath won’t be finishing high school. Ever. The arrival of the Makers made sure of that. Their ships hovered above major cities, dispersing a bioweapon that transformed a subset of humanity into the Altered, mutated killing machines programmed to scrub clean all that remains of mankind. But the aliens miscalculated. A certain population didn’t fully transform. These hybrids, Offshoots, must overcome the fear they inspire and use their special abilities to overthrow the aliens. Maggie and Heath are blessed and cursed to be the first of the Offshoots. They, along with others of their kind, must unite the scattered humans to fight back with them against the Makers and their engineered army, the Altered. A fast-paced alien invasion epic begins here!

 We Kill Humans by Brian Clopper (We Kill Humans, #1)

Offshoots (We Kill Humans, #1)Graduating from mostly Middlegrade writing with flights of fancy, great adventures and quirky characters, Brian Clopper has hit a new high with Offshoots, the flagship novel of the new series We Kill Humans. Firmly planted in the young adult arena, this science fiction fantasy is executed with the hand of an artist. Packed with brilliant descriptions, shared points of view and fast-paced, often deadly, (but never too graphic), Mr. Clopper has really exercised his creative muscles on this one!

Discover the world invaded by aliens with the power to change humans into their monster warriors. Are the aliens going to overtake our planet without even leaving their ships? An amazing thing about humans, they are NOT always predictable and some of the altered have NOT lost their humanity. Follow two teens, Heath and Maggie as they attempt to stay one step ahead of the monsters many of their fellow humans have become while also staying clear of unchanged humans, who want them dead.

Witness their compassion while fighting with enhanced powers as they realize these deadly alien warriors were once just like them, but survival is for the strong and these two have the ability to think on their feet, even as their bodies have morphed, learning their new powers slowly, but quickly taking advantage of them. Are they the only anomalies in the alien-induced changes or will new creatures be created.

As they cross paths with a human family hiding more than one secret, a bond is formed as they set out to raise a resistance army, one person at a time. Will their efforts be fruitful or will they die trying to save what is left of humanity? Hang on tight; this is one of THE best-written and truly fresh young adult action/adventure/fantasy/science fiction tales to come down the pike! Angst free, I really do NOT see any age that will not enjoy Brian Clopper’s latest!

I received this review copy from Brian Clopper in exchange for my honest review. * I can honestly say this is Brian's BEST WORK YET! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!*

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  1. Ooh. This sounds good. I'm always looking for more science fiction reads:)