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A Fox's Family (American Kitsune #4) by Brandon Varnell

A Fox's Family
by Brandon Varnell

My rating: 4 stars

Series: American Kitsune - Book 4
Publication Date: April 20, 2016
Publisher: Brandon Varnell
Genre: Comedic Romantic Scifi
Print Length: 330 pages
Available from: Amazon

The fan service continues...

Two weeks have passed since Kevin Swift was kidnapped by spandex-clad secret agents, rescued by Lilian, and they were both subsequently saved by Lilian’s faithful maid-slash-bodyguard. Since then, Kevin has nabbed himself a foxy girlfriend—pun very much intended—and a person willing to train him in the arts of badassery. Needless to say, life has been good.

Then Lilian's family decided to pay a visit.

And everything went to hell.

Sometimes, life gives you lemons. Other times… well, you get the picture.

 A Fox's Family (American Kitsune #4) by Brandon Varnell

A Fox's Family (American Kitsune #4)Yes, even the average reader can enjoy the antics of Brandon Varnell’s A Fox’s Family. From the start this series has been quirky, crazy and full of eye rolling humor and happenings. If you like comedy with some romance, adding our hero, Kevin, Lilian and the rest of the Kitsunes to the mix makes this a fun read that speeds by.

Kevin is growing up and Lilian has proven she is more than just some pretty tails (fox tails that is), but when her family comes to town, life can get a little hairy sometimes.

If you are looking for a read that will enrich you, change you forever and go down in history as a classic, well, um, this may not be the one you are looking for, but if you are looking for a few laughs, some attitude, a lot of plays on words, and a world that only the most vivid of imaginations can conjure, Brandon Varnell’s A Fox’s Family has enough in it to equally surprise, skate the offensive and come off like a cartoon with words instead of pictures! I liked it!

I received this copy from Brandon Varnell in exchange for my honest review.

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