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All Over You (All Falls Down #3) by Ayden K. Morgen

All Over You
by Ayden K. Morgen

My rating: 3.5 stars

Series: All Falls Down - Book 3
Publisher: Enchanted Publications (May 1, 2016)
Publication Date: May 1, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance NA
Print Length: 289 pages
Available from: Amazon

Ivy Kendall's only plan for her life was to teach, but then it all fell apart...

When Rory Clark disappears from UCLA after a lengthy online relationship with a "catfish" pretending to be Ivy, the sassy former model turned kindergarten teacher is forced to dive headfirst into the mystery in order to clear her name. The catfishing phenomenon meets good, old-fashioned police work when Cameron Lewis, a bossy San Francisco detective with a dominant streak, offers to help her uncover the awful truth about her stolen identity and Rory's disappearance.

They've barely scratched the surface when Ivy is charged with a murder she swears she didn't commit.

As the evidence against her piles up and the intense attraction between her and Cameron deepens, Ivy wants nothing more than to lean on the tattooed detective. He's already seen her at her worse. Now she has to find the courage to trust him with her heart. But how can she when she's terrified doing so will ruin his career?

Her greatest fear becomes reality when the ugly truth is revealed and their lives come tumbling down around them.

Betrayed by the one person she never suspected, Ivy makes a reckless decision that puts her in the sights of a murderer and jeopardizes Cameron's career. He will do whatever it takes to save the woman he loves...even if that means becoming a killer himself.

Will he be able to reach her before it's too late, or will Rory's catfish take more than just one life?

All Over You is a standalone sister novel to the All Falls Down duo.

All Over You (All Falls Down #3) by Ayden K. Morgen

All Over You (All Falls Down, #3)Ivy was beautiful, once a model until life took a heart breaking turn, her greatest pleasure is to teach the young children in her kindergarten class. Buried under old hospital bills, tuition bills and the day to day expenses of living, gone are shallow the days of the glamor of the catwalk, and she couldn’t be happier, until the day a college boy went missing and she becomes the prime suspect for the police.

Cameron’s job is to protect and defend, to solve crimes and bring the criminal to justice, but from the moment he laid eyes on the beautiful Ivy, he knew he was not looking at a kidnapper or killer, but the woman he wanted in his bed. The evidence is mounting against Ivy, and as she faces arrest, Cameron will risk his job to prove her innocence.

Not one to sit back and cower, Ivy has inadvertently discovered who is behind her being set up as the patsy, but that discovery could cost her her life.

Ayden K. Morgen’s All Over You is a fast-paced mystery neatly tucked into an even faster paced erotic romance. Ivy is the quintessential All American Girl who has seen both joy and pain in her life, smart, willing to fight for the truth and stand on her own two feet, her greatest weakness is the cop who both terrifies and enthralls her. Cam starts out as a mystery, becomes the bold, well-spoken and decisive cop, definitely attracted to Ivy, but keeping it all professional, well, for at least a day. When he decides to make his move, propriety be damned, conflict of interest flies out the window as he overpowers Ivy with his animal magnetism. He goes from articulate police officer to the ever popular grunting two syllable biker type. What he does have going for him is his loyalty to Ivy and his determination to protect her, even if that means from herself.

Heavy on the intense sexual heat, some well-defined back up characters and a tale of suspense that has more twists than a twizzler before the big reveal! Even if you know who-dun-it early on, getting to the end is a spicy journey that may require smelling salts.

I received an ARC edition from Ayden K. Morgen in exchange for my honest review.

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