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Announcing the Winners of Jolene Cazzola's Love's Illusions Series Giveaway

She believed in Fairy Tale Endings
But life hadn't gone as planned.
One of Five eCopy Sets of the Love's Illusions Series

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Bonnie D

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Love's Journey
by Jolene Cazzola
Book Two of the Love's Illusions Series
My rating: 5 stars
Publication Date: March 28, 2016
Publisher: Jolene Cazzola
Genre: Twentieth Century Historical Romance
Print Length: 266 pages
Available from: Amazon
Nothing in Jackie Moretti’s young life has gone as planned. The fairy tale existence she believed in had fallen apart. Her husband’s hidden impulses and lies caused their marriage to crumble. And even her new relationship with sexy bad boy, Michael Nowak seems to have expired. Or has it?
Michael’s California drug operation is bringing in the coin, but without Jackie, his life feels empty. When a tragic event brings him back to Chicago, he has a choice to make: keep letting life throw him in the same direction or take things into his own hands.
As Jackie and Michael reunite, old wounds and new complications could make their heartbreak even more devastating than the first time around. Unless a new friend and an old lover can set them on the path of a new life together…
Love’s Journey is the second installment in a series of women’s fiction historical novels with a touch of romance. If you like deep and complicated love stories set in the 1970s with complex characters, then you’ll love Jolene Cazzola’s continuing saga.

Love's Illusions
by Jolene Cazzola
Book One of the Love's Illusions Series
My rating: 5 stars
Publication Date: October 13, 2015
Publisher: Jolene Cazzola
ISBN-13: 9781519148025
Genre: Women's Fiction
Print Length: 280 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Chicago, 1971. A marriage broken. A second chance at complicated love.

Jackie Moretti always believed in fairy tale endings. A promising art student in Chicago in the early 1970s with a happy marriage to her childhood sweetheart points to a bright future, until Jackie's world cracks in two.

Six months into the marriage, it becomes alarmingly clear that Jackie's husband Stephen is not the man she thought she married. Even when confronted with overwhelming evidence, her husband cannot admit the truth and blames her for the destruction of their relationship. She tries to cope with the pain by taking on a new job at a local bar, diving into a series of one-night stands, and numbing herself with drugs.

Sexy mechanic Michael Nowak grabs Jackie's attention from their first encounter. The small-time dealer provides both sex and drugs to distract Jackie from her downward spiral. When their feelings turn from lust to something more, Michael gets roped into a larger-scale criminal operation than he ever thought possible. Can their love survive depression, regret, and struggles of the heart or will the second city swallow them whole?

Love's Illusions is the first installment in a series of women's modern historical fiction novels. If you enjoy books set in the early 1970s with compelling characters and immersive writing, then you'll love Jolene Cazzola's debut novel. 

**This is a story of coming of age, of learning to find the inner strength from within and to follow the path YOU need to follow, not the path of least resistance or the path chosen for you by others with their own agenda.

Ms. Cazzola shares a strong voice with her readers as she tackles life in an era many of us can still remember.**
My life has been one of change, creativity and adaptation. Very little has been planned and that includes my life as a writer, but it’s one of the most satisfying incarnations yet. I’ve been in love with the creative arts since I was a child – attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, earning both a BFA and MFA, however, at that stage of life, my medium was the visual arts. It wasn’t until much later, after going back to school for an MBA and spending many years in business and social work (yet another expressive turn) that I became fascinated with the way words effected people’s lives. Thus began a chapter of life combining experiences and words which led to the publication of Love’s Illusions, my first novel.
Now, when I’m not writing, I’m working for my “pet causes” trying to give back to the world, spending time with friends or seeing how many cats can comfortably live in my home at one time – I’m currently at six and counting!

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The BackStory is an illustrated companion book to the series. Gives character interviews, wedding pictures, music downloads, deleted scenes, etc.

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