Monday, May 9, 2016

Bloodmoon by Aurora Whittet (Bloodmark Saga, #3)

by Aurora Whittet

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Bloodmark Saga - Book 3
Publisher: Wise Ink; 1 edition (March 20, 2016)
Publication Date: March 20, 2016
ISBN-13: 9781634890229
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 400 pages
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 Just months shy of her claiming at Carrowmore and fulfilling a centuries-old prophecy, werewolf Ashling Boru has stepped into her role as the Crimson Queen. She finally has the support of her pack and her love for Grey is stronger than ever.

But it's not easy being queen. Ashling's guardian, Baran, has been captured by the Dvergars, a family of evil wolves who will stop at nothing to possess Ashling's power and destroy everything--and everyone--she loves. Ashling must unite the clans and build an army to stand against the Dvergars before it's too late. Unfortunately, the Dvergars also have armies of the darkest creatures the world has ever known.

Shadows loom, growing ever larger as generations of pack secrets begin to unfold. Ashling's people, the humans they protect, and Old Mother Earth herself all hang in the balance of Ashling's choices. Will Ashling have to forsake her true love to save the world? And will she have the strength to do it?

Bloodmoon is the thrilling conclusion to the Bloodmark Saga.

Bloodmoon by Aurora Whittet (Bloodmark Saga, #3)

Bloodmoon (Bloodmark Saga, #3)The weight of the world is on Ashling’s shoulders and she is only a teen, forced into a world of turmoil and war and becoming the most powerful being in the werewolf world. Ashling is to be the answer to long told prophecies, but first she must live to her eighteenth birthday while keeping those who look to her alive, also.

Trying to fit into a world where those far more experienced and much older must follow her lead, must wait for her commands, Ashling relies on gut instinct and the advice of those closest to her. Meanwhile, she must also keep up appearances in the human world, the world she is ordained to protect, attending high school, taking tests and stealing a few moments to be just Ashling.

Her “marriage” to Grey must be kept secret from all, but their love is strong. When evil threatens to destroy everyone and everything important to her, she is brought to her knees, first in the fear of a girl in over her head and then in prayer to the great Mother to guide her every move. As tensions run high, and battles are waged, heroes will die, be tortured and feared gone forever and humans are made pawns in an ugly game of power and corruption, as the battle to claim her very soul is waged. Is Ashling ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for those she loves? Is the welfare of the masses worth dying for or will this change the prophecy and destroy the world?

Bloodmoon by Aurora Whittet is a the perfect wrap to a high tension series that tells of a young teen caught between the regal pomp and circumstance of her position as the Crimson Queen and all it entails and the world of the teen she is. The polar opposites were at times hard to grasp as Ashling took on her “regal” bearing, but when alone with her friends and close allies, she was a delight. Often high on angst, this tale is tempered by the addition of calming characters, quirky characters and those who wore evil like a banner of pride. Non-stop throughout, Ms. Whittet has managed to bring it all home, tie it up in a bow and deliver a great ending to her readers. She truly deserves to have this series become one of the notable older YA reads!

I received this copy from Aurora Whittet in exchange for my honest review.

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