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By Hook or By Crook by Al Marsiglia

By Hook Or By Crook
A New Frankie Fiore Crime Thriller Novel 
by Al Marsiglia

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Frankie Fiore Crime Thrillers - Book 2
Publication Date: March 31, 2016
Publisher: Al Marsiglia
ISBN-13: 9781530471768
Genre: Crime Fiction
Print Length: 318 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Frankie Fiore does eighteen months at Rikers Island where he meets and makes a life-long friend of fellow inmate, Reno, a giant of a man who is respected and feared by the inmate population in the prison. Reno takes Frankie as a close friend thus making his life at Rikers, bearable.
Resuming his life after prison, Frankie returns to Dunnville, North Carolina,
He is unaware of the good and evil forces working diametrically behind the scenes. The good seeking to enrich him, the evil seeking to kill him. He doesn't know it yet, but shortly he will either be rich or he will be dead --- or both.
Frankie is bequeathed a small fortune by his friend and mentor, Biff Rollo, who is mortally ill in prison. However, the gift comes with the proviso that Frankie care for Biff's son, Marcus until he is of legal age. Unfortunately for Frankie, Biff dies before he can tell Frankie where to find the riches or how he acquired this small treasure. This information is very important to Frankie's girl-fiend, Peggy and to his mother, Connie. They both need to be assured it is not blood money before they will give their approval he accept it. Frankie, now armed with only a safe deposit key, must find the stash on his own,
His former boss and now his nemesis, Jimmy “the nose” Provitera is released from prison while awaiting a new trial. Jimmy, who was sent to prison based on Frankie's testimony in court, vows to kill Frankie and take Biff's fortune for himself. Frankie has also made a vow---a vow to avenge the horrific beating Jimmy's goons inflicted on his father, Louie, when Jimmy was unable to find Frankie to punish him for a perceived wrong-doing and took it out on his father instead.
In conversation with Marcus, Biff's son, Frankie discovers that Biff owned a house on Staten Island. With Marcus' help they find the house, where they discover evidence that Biff owned a safe deposit box in a nearby Staten Island bank.
Employing the services of a professional forger, they forge Biff's signature at the bank and retrieve the box. Upon opening the box they discover...???
You'll have to read the book to discover what they found and also to find out which real-life celebrity was involved in the discovery.

 By Hook or By Crook by Al Marsiglia

By Hook Or By Crook: A New Frankie Fiore Crime Thriller Novel (Frankie Fiore Crime Thrillers Book 2)Are you a fan of gangster/mob type reads? Ever watch the movies about mobsters, mafia, and legendary leaders like Al Capone? They’re dark, deadly and everyone talks funny, has a weird nickname and is part of the dark brotherhood of bullying, trafficking, theft and bad ties. Now that I’ve set that stage, forget it all, because Frankie Fiore is a guy born under a very lucky star or has a very exhausted guardian gangster, I mean angel. Frankie is a rat and now he has to pay.

After a stint at Riker’s Frankie heads home, only to discover that someone thinks he knows where a huge stash of stolen money is and that someone wants a piece of Frankie. Meanwhile, Frankie is left a huge sum from his mentor, Biff Rollo, the catch, you say, Frankie must take care of Biff’s estranged son, oh, and Frankie has no idea where the money is. The questions become, where is it, who has it and how does he get it and still live to spend it?

See gangsters, mobsters from a new light, as Frankie Fiore and his new posse go on the hunt for Rollo’s stash, and hit upon a the brilliant idea to upstage Geraldo (yep, THAT Geraldo) who is planning the great reveal of a gangster’s secret safe. You’ve heard it said that some people can step in, um manure and come up with a pot of gold, right? Or, maybe it isn’t what you know, but who you know, for a low guy on the totem pole, Frankie seems to be the guy those statements refer to, at least for now…

Al Marsiglia had to have had a lot of fun creating Frankie, his buddies and his world, because he sure gave me some entertainment with his tale, By Hook or By Crook! I chuckled a laughed out loud and I definitely team Frankie, the ultimate anti-hero looking for a quick buck while honoring the death of a man who was so much more than a hired gun. Everybody has an angle, right? Follow along as Frankie and the gang fall into more manure and come up smelling like roses more times than you can imagine! Great reading, great dialogue and I even learned that the plural of YOU really must be YOUSE!

I received this copy from Al Marsiglia in exchange for my honest review.

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