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Dark Tremor by Stella Marie Alden & Chantel Seabrook

Dark Tremor
by Stella Marie Alden & Chantel Seabrook

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Mated by Magic - Book 2
Publication Date: May 9, 2016
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 178 pages
Available from: Amazon
Terra’s survival depends on avoiding other witches. That includes hot sexy flame-throwing males. When her world shifts beneath her, literally, she's forced into the arms of a man who ignites a lust that could destroy them both. She’s kept her distance, but every time she turns, he’s there. And now her enemies know where she is and they’ll stop at nothing to reclaim her and the potent dark power she hides.

Tormented by one fatal night, Jace Fialko wants nothing to do with finding a mate. He’s trouble for anyone, especially the stubborn, sinfully tempting little witch harboring dangerous secrets of her own.

Dark Tremor is a stand-alone novel, and can be enjoyed even if you haven't read other books in the series.

WARNING: Book contains mature themes, steamy, sexual scenes and graphic language.  

Dark Tremor by Stella Marie Alden & Chantel Seabrook

Dark TremorTo say Terra felt the earth move when she met Jace Fialko really isn’t as far-fetched as it seems. Terra has been hiding out living the life of a hermit, avoiding any and all witches, her very life depends on it. When Jace enters her life, the handsome fire witch ignites feelings in Terra that she cannot succumb to. She can trust no one, because her enemies want her, her secrets and her talents and they will stop at nothing to get them, by any means necessary.

Jace has a dark past he cannot forget, and there is something about Terra that terrifies him, emotionally, but when push comes to dangerous shove and Terra’s whereabouts is exposed, these two must stand together against forces much greater than they could imagine. What they must do is the last thing either of them wants, but sometimes necessity makes strange bedfellows and sometimes Fate knows best of all! What will happen when Terra’s hidden dark power comes to light? How can Terra protect herself from the one man who she should always feel safe with? What twisted plans does he have for her? How will Jace feel when he discovers her secret?

The cauldron of creation is sizzling when two souls find their perfect half and the chemical reaction is nothing short of explosive! Dark Tremor proves that Stella Marie Alden and Chantel Seabrook can conjure bewitchingly enchanting reading as a team! To call Terra feisty and headstrong is like calling a gargoyle hard-headed. And Jace, the Fire witch? Can you say type casting? He is hot, a bit of a bad boy and together these two are simply electric! Ms. Alden and Ms. Seabrook have another hit that will leave their fans panting for more!!

I received this copy from Chantel Seabrook in exchange for my honest review.

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