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Indiana Belle by John A. Heldt (American Journey #3)

Indiana Belle
by John A. Heldt

My rating: 5 stars

Series: American Journey - Book 3
Publisher: John A. Heldt (April 14, 2016)
Publication Date: April 14, 2016
Genre: Fantasy Romance | Time Travel
Print Length: 295 pages
Available from: Amazon

Providence, Rhode Island, 2017. When doctoral student Cameron Coelho, 28, opens a package from Indiana, he finds more than private papers that will help him with his dissertation. He finds a photograph of a beautiful society editor murdered in 1925 and clues to a century-old mystery. Within days, he meets Geoffrey Bell, the "time-travel professor," and begins an unlikely journey through the Roaring Twenties. Filled with history, romance, and intrigue, INDIANA BELLE follows a lonely soul on the adventure of a lifetime as he searches for love and answers in the age of Prohibition, flappers, and jazz.  

Indiana Belle by John A. Heldt (American Journey #3)

Indiana Belle (American Journey, #3)John A. Heldt is back, and this time out he is taking us back to the era of Flappers, Speakeasies and old time church revivals as the country undergoes major changes and the lines between a free-spirited life and the more conservative become more clearly divided and crime is always waiting in the shadows. But first, we must travel to the near future…welcome to John A. Heldt’s Indiana Belle.

Cameron Coelho is writing his dissertation on life in the 1920’s and when he receives a packet regarding a determined and outspoken woman murdered in her prime in 1925, her photo beckons to him in an unusual way. When time travel expert, Professor Geoffrey Bell makes Cameron an offer he cannot refuse, although skeptical, he agrees to all of the conditions set before him, knowing full well he plans on breaking the most important rule at the first opportunity.

Geoffrey Bell is adamant that Cameron NOT do anything to change history and his reason is quite compelling, Candice Bell, a rebel, fierce-willed reporter and murder victim is the good professor’s distant relative and if the time line is altered, there is a chance he will never exist. No professor, no time travel. (Not to mention, no fabulous tales from John A. Heldt.)

Cameron has his own agenda and saving Candice is at the top of the list, has he fallen in love with an old photo or will he find the woman in the flesh to be everything he could ever want? Visit the Roaring Twenties from the comfort of today, feel the energy, the awakening of a world in need of expressing the simply joys of life and the battle of one woman to show her reporting chops in a world dominated by men, only to uncover some deadly truths. Once again, John A.Heldt has shown the power he holds in his pen, the hard work he brings to the tale of fantasy fiction through his vivid scenes of the era, the emotional draw to his characters as he brings everything to life, including the sounds of jazz, the force of love and the destiny of two souls meeting in a bubble of time reserved just for them.

I received this copy from John A. Heldt in exchange for my honest review.

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