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Lighthouse Nights (Blank Canvas Series) by Jake Vander Ark

Lighthouse Nights
by Jake Vander Ark

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: June 8, 2011
Publisher: Jake Vander Ark
Genre: Contemporary Dark Fiction
Print Length: 180 pages
Available from: Amazon

Jules and Trevor take advantage of potential suicide victims by encouraging them and profiting off their deaths. When Jules falls in love with their seventh target, she’s forced to make a series of life-or-death decisions and a single, impossible change.

Lighthouse Nights is a frightening novel about haunting regret, maniacal hatred, the longing to create, and ultimate redemption. This fast-paced story is as touching as it is twisted, and highlights a disturbing new trend among American teens.

  Lighthouse Nights by Jake Vander Ark
(Blank Canvas Series)

Lighthouse NightsInternet predators, they are not just of a sexual nature. Trevor and Jules fed their twisted tastes in entertainment while lining their pockets with stolen goods by entering chat rooms created for those contemplating suicide. Instead of being a support system, they became the spark that ignited the final blow that would end one’s life. They would act as a co-conspirator, a fellow crushed human who wants to escape the pain of life, but cleverly they would encourage the victim to go first, then loot what they could to sell off.

For Trevor, these were cheap thrills, feeding his demented mind. For Jules, it was a game, as she blames it on her unfortunate upbringing, all went relatively smoothly until their latest puppet of doom came along. Gabe wanted to die, but he awoke some humanity and fed Jules’ withered heart. But will their relationship cause more trouble? How will Trevor react when i game is interrupted long before Gabe took his final breath?

Jake Vander Ark’s Lighthouse Nights is dark, moody, intense and twisted into a horror of epic proportions. Is this what society must turn to receive a new high or to find entertainment? Do NOT expect any shiny moments or a sweet and fluffy tale. The desperation of those who felt suicide was their only way out is gut-wrenching. To watch them being manipulated into following through on that last, gruesome act is the things nightmares are made of.

Mr. Vander Ark is a gifted author, he caused me to cringe, to never be comfortable in his world and yet, I couldn’t leave until I knew the final outcome. Not for the faint of heart, or stomach, but if you dare to peek inside the mind of pure evil, Trevor’s is an open book.

I received this copy from Jake Vander Ark in exchange for my honest review.

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