Thursday, May 5, 2016

Metal Boxes - Rusty Hinges by Alan Black (Metal Boxes, #3)

Metal Boxes - Rusty Hinges
by Alan Black

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Metal Boxes
Publisher: Alan Black
Publication Date: April 28, 2016
Genre: Scifi-Fantasy
Print Length: 322 pages
Available from: Amazon

Stone’s fist, secure in the combat suit and hidden by camouflage, impacted the Hyrocanian mouth before it closed around the baby. Stone grabbed the helpless piglet with his free hand and tossed it to a startled female. The piglet, the last of her kind on the delivery shuttle, grabbed the baby and ran.

“Ratcheting up the excitement and the stakes, Black nails it again with Rusty Hinges, the latest in his Metal Boxes sci-fi series!”
Melanie Tighe, book reviewer for The City Sun Times, Phoenix, Arizona

Stone twisted his fist, trying his best to break every tooth in the Hyrocanian’s mouth. Hyrocanians have four sets teeth, two for chewing vertically, and two for chewing horizontally. Suddenly, his fist broke free from the shattered teeth. Opening his fist, he felt something soft and squishy at the back of the alien’s throat. He closed his fingers around it and yanked.

 Metal Boxes - Rusty Hinges by Alan Black

Metal Boxes - Rusty HingesWho says Science fiction can't be fun? Leave it to Alan Black to break another perceived mold in the science fiction genre. Metal Boxes - Rusty Hinges is one more notch on Mr. Black’s pen as he takes us back into deep space and into the constant turmoil that surrounds young Blackmon Perry Stone, heir to a fortune, heir to power and currently the mother to two Drascos and Governor of his own planet.

Once again, things will change for Stone, as he is placed back on active duty in the navy and must head into space in another metal box and battle. With unlikely allies, which look like little pigs and his family of Drascos, Stone will show his innate ability to turn the tables on evil. Meanwhile, what of his girlfriend, his own personal warrior queen? Will their relationship be cemented or will time and distance, as well as one more no show on his part find them dead in the water?

Alan Black unleashes his imagination and wit as his characters dare us to say they are not real, their adventures are fantasy and none of this could ever happen! Enjoy the ride, the humor and action on every page as Alan Black creates another tale that will leave you smiling, but glad to be back on Earth, waiting for the installment. Never let it be said that Alan Black doesn’t love his job, it shows in enjoyment he brings to his readers. Suspend your beliefs and sign on for a trip in a Metal Box, it’s okay to play astronaut, space travel with Stone gives new meaning to the phrase, “When pigs fly!”

I received this copy from Alan Black in exchange for my honest review.


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