Thursday, May 19, 2016

Outcast by Jennifer Lynn Reynolds ( Supernaturals #2)
by Jennifer Lynn Reynolds

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Supernaturals - Book 2
Publication Date: May 18, 2016 Paperback | May 28, 2016 eBook
Publisher: Jennifer Lynn Reynolds /CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN-10: 153275146X
ISBN-13: 978-1532751462
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Paperback: 368 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Leigh Alexander has lived every day of her life feeling like an outcast amongst her family and the small-minded people of Pine Hollow, a secretive community to which her parents belong. When Danielle, Leigh’s younger sister, asks Leigh to come home for her wedding, Leigh’s torn between wanting to be there for her sister and saving herself from people who’ve despised her all of her life. Knowing she’ll regret her decision, Leigh gives into her sister and goes home for what she hopes is the last time. Leigh was prepared for people to ignore her, for them to shun her, for them to point out all the ways she didn’t belong all because she wasn’t a size perfect, but what she hadn’t been prepared for was falling for Ryan Hart, a man who she will soon learn knows all of the secrets her family and the town of Pine Hollow refuse to tell her. Revealing the truth about Pine Hollow and the rest of the supernatural world might be forbidden, but to save Leigh’s life, Ryan will tell her everything about who she is, or more importantly who she isn’t, even if it will forever change her life and the lives of every person in Pine Hollow.

Outcast by Jennifer Lynn Reynolds ( Supernaturals #2)

Outcast (Supernaturals Book 2)So it seems that small minded people can be found just about anywhere, including a shifter community who has one human child growing up among the shifters. Instead of telling the child why she is different, why not just shut her out, belittle her and make her feel unloved, an Outcast? Oh yeah, and keep huge, I mean HUGE secrets from her. Even her family was distant and Leigh never knew why, maybe because she was overweight? She never knew what she had done to make so many people hate her. Nice way to grow up and it didn’t end there. The best and worst feelings of her life came at her sister’s wedding, the one person who loved her no matter what, because in spite of the cruel treatment by everyone, there was Ryan. Hot, handsome, a bit of a rebel and he wanted her, just as she was. They had chemistry, it was electric, passionate and earthy, but someone just couldn’t let them be happy and they were prepared to go as far as killing Leigh and she still didn’t know why.

Her fate, her very life rests in the hands of the man she loves, but to save her, he needs to let her in on the big town secret, he needs to show her who and what he really is. How will Leigh react? Will she still want him? Ryan is willing to risk everything for the woman he loves, because that is what true love is all about.

Jennifer Lynn Reynolds’ Outcast is going to rock your world with emotional see-sawing. Sure, there is earthy, scorching sex, but it is more, it is making love…very hot love! There are characters that you want to claw their faces off, characters you want to hug and there are characters that are the biggest cowards ever to grace a printed page, but they may be redeemable. Leigh has been so damaged by those who should be her strongest support, I give that woman kudos for not telling them where to go. And Ryan? That man is a true find, a gem of a catch, a real man, regardless of what he turns into at times.

Ms. Reynolds has another emotionally charged high tension hit on her hands and for shifter lovers, you will find yourself in shifter heaven, plus you get to see shifters at their worst, as well as their very best! Did I mention the hot shifter sex? The very hot and earthy sex?

I received this copy from Jennifer Lynn Reynolds in exchange for my honest review.

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