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Pairings by Cherie Grinnell

by Cherie Grinnell

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Cherie Grinnell (May 1, 2015)
Publication Date: May 1, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance w/ Humor
Print Length: 229 pages
Available from: Amazon

When American, Rose Kavanaugh, accepts a job as head chef at a Welsh manor house hotel, she is taking on her dream job. She’s been given free rein to put her passion for creating an eco-friendly kitchen into practice.
In the plus column: she’ll be back in Britain, a country she’s loved since spending time there as a student, and she’ll be putting distance between herself and her on again, off again boyfriend in Chicago, vowing never to put her life on hold for another man again.
In the minus column: she wonders what she’s let herself in for. Repeated requests that she must behave with modesty and decorum--whatever that means--seems odd. And any correspondence she’s had with Tristan Pritchard, her future employer, felt stiff and formal, like talking to a man from another age.
On her way to take up her new position, she indulges in an impulsive, steamy encounter with a handsome stranger in a London elevator. This act of passion returns to haunt her later, putting her on frosty terms with Tristan Pritchard.
Further adding to her discomfort, the mysterious and cold Mr. Pritchard is also the sommelier she has to work closely with on food and wine pairings each week. Experience tells her the success of this restaurant depends on their collaboration. The pairing of food and wine is like a marriage, she says, and she’s determined to put and end to the distant and strained relationship they started out with.
As Rose slowly breaks down Tristan’s reserve, she learns what a complicated man he is. Part sophisticate, part earthy Welshmen: he’s a man trying to right wrongs done in both his recent and distant past, while running a hotel in what was once his ancestral home.
Over time they manage to establish a cordial working relationship, but the chemistry between them becomes unbearable. Tristan continues to hold Rose at arm’s length, making it clear he is currently unavailable. The more time Rose spends with Tristan, the more she questions whether there are some men worth waiting for.  

Pairings by Cherie Grinnell

PairingsI like sweet romance and I cannot lie. I like humorous moments that sneak up on you. I like main characters that make me laugh, make me sigh, frustrate me and then grab hold of my heartstrings. Oh, yeah, I like food and I think I like Wales, now, too! Yep, you guessed it, I liked Pairings by Cherie Grinnell! A clever title with a play on words!

Rose Kavanaugh has landed her dream job, she will be the executive chef in a top level Welsh hotel. She will be able to create dishes to her heart’s delight in the kitchen of her dreams, and well, the only thing that is more nightmare than dream-come-true is her boss. It isn’t that Tristan Pritchard is an ancient, crusty old toad, far from it, he is outrageously handsome. Tristan is also cold, distant and definitely not early as enamored by Rose as she is by him. Rose and Tristan have a past, a very recent past, a very brief and scorching past, but the fires of passion have definitely been doused, at least on his end. Or, have they?

Secrets, everyone has them and Tristan is no exception, but his secrets and the current state of his life are making little pin pricks in Rose’s heart, because she is a goner for the man who is off limits. (Sort of) Let the games begin! Two people can pair wine with main courses but they can’t quite see the perfect romantic pairing for both of them.

Cherie Grinnell has plated up her own special dish for love, complete with all of the trimmings, sensual spices, a sassy heroine and a hero who needs to use less starch in his life and to share his feelings when he cares. Witty banter, sometimes juvenile games and still Cupid shows up for dessert!

Cherie Grinnell has the perfect light read for the beach, the pool or at your desk, slyly reading between tasks!

I received this copy from Cherie Grinnell in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Thanks, Dianne! I went to university in North Wales for a year. The area of Wales Pairings takes place in is magical--and the language incomprehensible. I appreciate this fine review as much as I do fine wine!

    1. Thank you! You know, I just adored the characters, and some of their antics...it was so nice not to have high angst through 90% of the book! What an experience to attend school abroad! Happy writing!