Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Play Dirty by L.P. Maxa (The Devil's Share, #2)

Play Dirty
by L.P. Maxa

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Devil's Share - Book 2
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group (November 11, 2015)
Publication Date: November 11, 2015
Genre: N/A Rock Romance
Print Length: 118 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

As bassist of the Devil’s Share, Smith James revels in being the ultimate bad boy, until he meets a good girl…who likes it dirty.


Smith James doesn’t need drugs. He just likes them a whole lot. And as bassist for the Devil’s Share, they are easy to come by. So are the women. With a steady supply of both he doesn’t have to think too hard about his past. But when a beautiful physician’s assistant joins the tour, Smith can’t help but want…more.

After watching her high school boyfriend OD, there is no way Dylan Lawson is going to fall for a rock star with a tenuous hold on sobriety, no matter how sexy his New Orleans drawl. She’s been hired to do one job: monitor the health of the lead singer’s girlfriend and her unborn baby. But once Smith flashes that sweet, vulnerable smile, Dylan can’t help but want…more.

And more is what they’ll get. Love on tour is never simple, and with a music festival in Smith’s hometown, a place he’s avoided for years, near his illiterate, abusive, meth-addled father, Smith is one bad night away from a relapse. But with her heart already lost, Dylan is willing to do whatever is necessary to save him—even play a little dirty.

Play Dirty by L.P. Maxa (The Devil's Share, #2)

Play Dirty (The Devil's Share, #2)He behaved as the ultimate bad boy, fierce, self-destructive, addicted to booze and pills and nameless, faceless sex. He grew up in a cold world where kindness or gentleness was non-existent, where a fist was more powerful than a hug and no one expected anything but failure from him. But deep within Smith was a shell of a lonely man, unsure of how to accept love, positive any love he could give someone would be tainted, but he was trying to clean up his act, for the band, himself and HER.

Dylan was all that was good and compassionate, accepting and kind and her presence drove Smith crazy. He wanted her, body and soul, but how could she want to be with a damaged man like him? Little did Smith know, inside the quiet patience of Dylan was the heart of a panther, a wildcat who could play rough, and give it back. But will things be so easy for these two with the lack of privacy on the bus and the very nosy members of the band? On the night Smith was to meet Dylan’s parents, a disastrous event takes place that will test their bond, as well as that of the band…will Smith find himself alone again?

L.P. Maxa’s Play Dirty still carries the same signature style, but this time out the emotional pull is magnetic as a tale of two people, one in need of salvation and the other needing to get over the past struggle to find their own happy ever after. I NEVER go into another addition to a series fearing what I will think, based on the first book, thinking, I don’t know what to expect, of course I don’t, I haven’t read it yet! An author’s style always shines through, and a clever author will change up the plot, the emotional energy and tension. Trust me, L.P. Maxa is a clever author who knows how to write!

I received this copy from L.P. Maxa in exchange for my honest review.