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R.B.N. Bookmark Presents A MINGER'S TALE: BEGINNINGS Blitz & Giveaway

Ribban Bookmark is one of life`s misfits.
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A Minger’s Tale Beginnings
by R.B.N. Bookmark

My rating: 5 stars MUST READ

Publication Date: March 27, 2016
Publisher: R.B. N. Bookmark
Genre: Humor | Memoirs
Print Length: 245 pages
Available from: Amazon
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"Do greener pastures exist for the colour blind, and how would they ever know?"

Ribbans story begins in the city of Manchester in Northern England. The book is a humorous and at times gritty account of his wayward path through those formative early years.

Ribban Bookmark is one of life`s misfits. Born in Manchester, in the UK during the late 1950`s to Irish immigrants. He realised early on in life that his ladder to success was missing some rungs - in fact most of them.
His search for life`s greener pastures hampered by his colour-blindness.

After 56 years of circling the literary worlds perimeter fence, like a dog looking for somewhere to urinate. He stopped one night in August 2014. "A Minger`s Tale-Beginnings" was the result of that nights urination.

This is his story, part one.

A Minger`s Tale: Beginnings by R.B.N. Bookmark

A Minger’s Tale Beginnings By R.B.N. BookmarkHave you ever had a “bad” day, I mean a day where the world seems to be lining up to give you a swift kick, or maybe toss a pie in your face? Welcome to Ribban’s life. R.B.N. Bookmark’s tongue-in-cheek, witty and sometimes painful, A Minger’s Tale-Beginnings is the author’s tale of his life growing up as a misfit in a time when the economy of his world was bleak and he struggled with the mundane life of whichever neighborhood he was living in, always seeking a little lively action, a few laughs and even the acceptance he rarely felt.

Journey through Ribban’s life with him, see it from the honest and charming perception of the man who lived it and survived, his sense of humor intact. From a young boy to a young adult, times were tough, jobs were either not the correct fit or just were not his cup of tea and he readily admits it a she takes matters into his own hands with not so well thought out decisions with not so wonderful results.

Everything in Ribban’s life is NOT one big joke or one-liner, far from it, but it is in the manner in which this author uses his light-hearted hindsight that we find humor in the painful moments of self-doubt, self-recrimination and even the sense of knowing he does not fit in. Feel the frustration, and be amazed at the resiliency of one boy who keeps trying to move forward through the maze that is life.

Be prepared to identify with Ribban, or maybe an event in his life and think back, maybe it’s all a matter of perspective, maybe life’s potholes aren’t going to bend the rims of your life and just maybe, you’ll find something intriguing about the cadence of a flat tire flopping on the road. Maybe you’ll learn to stop and smell the roses that grew out of that pile of dung you just stepped in.
One of the most purely entertaining books I have read, because everyone has a story to tell, some are just quirkier than others. 
Guest Post from RBN Ribban

Upon waking up this morning I was still undecided as to what to write for my very first guest post. Unaccustomed as I am to social media I tend to get my hashtags in a tangle with my @`s and nobody seems to get my meaning – least of all me.

So no hashtags or @`s.
This time I´ll stick strictly to prose…..I wonder if Shakespeare would have managed as woefully in this digital age?

Now where was I?
Oh yes fish oil (in case you feeling a bit lost at this point….I´m getting there).

I could never get my head around arithmetics even if my life depended on it.

 Ask me how much 6 times 123 divided by 2 multiplied by the square root of 4 is and I´ll gladly throw myself under a bus - providing it is not the late night service as they don`t run that often.

I so dislike waiting for buses.

The saying goes that one can`t teach an old dog new tricks.
Can it also be true that fish can only count up to omega 3?

On the other hand, the advent of the mini calculator has certainly got me out of some embarrassing situations down the years, but despite this wonderful invention I still miss my wedding anniversary?
Try blaming that on a calculator and I guarantee you chaps that your decimals will be in for a roasting. 

But when confronted by pen and paper I can gleefully decimate whole rainforests for the sake of the written word.
 And self-publish them on……Amazon (where else).


 The constraints of combining a fulltime occupation coupled with the everyday pressures of the modern world leave very little time for such lofty illusions.

My literary aspirations are for the most part seldom documented, which is probably good for the Amazonian parrot sitting on top of my next novel…..and yes –I did say sitting!

Even so my writing ideas are always ever present, and should they ever make it onto paper (parrot permitting) they might not always be somebody`s cup of tea.

But surely that is an integral part of being a writer and exercising freedom of speech.

It is a bit like breaking wind in a crowded football ground…..not everyone will appreciate it but quite a few will get it nonetheless, so one´s effort will not go entirely unnoticed.

“Hope springs eternal” said Alexander Pope and should the day arrive when time and economy permit me to uncork the magic lantern, and allow the genie –to shake its literary thaannng unfettered on a unsuspecting world.

I´ll think back to the past when, as I child, I`d stand in the backyard staring up into the sky at the aeroplanes flying overhead.

Dare to imagine that one day, I too would be up there high in the clouds and shed these Newtonian chains.

I could imagine myself standing on the seat, with the window wound down and my outstretched hand tickling the clouds as they passed by.

And just for good measure, poop down on the pigeons from above….

One day….soon.

 Ribban Bookmark is one of life`s misfits. Born in Manchester, UK in the late 1950`s to Irish immigrants. he realised early in life that his ladder to success was missing some rungs - in fact most of them. His search for life`s greener pastures, hampered by his colour-blindness. After 56 years circling the literary worlds perimeter fence, like a dog looking for somewhere to urinate, he stopped one night in August 2014. "A Minger`s Tale-Beginnings" was the result of that nights urination. This is his story. 

A Minger`s Tale-Beginnings is my first book which was released on Amazon in March 2016.The second book in this trilogy is already in progress and should be completed later next year.
I have published a short collection of poems and anecdotes that is available on Kindle. 
One of my short stories is to be published later this year in The Shelagh Delaney Anthology.
Favorite resources:
People, life -just look around you. The inspiration is everywhere you look, the knack is opening ones eyes and seeing it.
Upcoming events:
Working on my second book as well as preparing my entry for this years Bridport Prize Competition.
Thought for today:
In this age of technology, why does it still takes humans to change batteries?

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