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Summer Dreams by Hebby Roman

Summer Dreams
by Hebby Roman

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Estrella Books (January 15, 2014)
Publication Date: January 15, 2014
Genre: Hispanic Romance | Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 384 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

 Reader Note: "Summer Dreams" is also available as one of 10 books in a contemporary romance anthology about childhood friends who become lovers, entitled: "Summer Solstice."
Where else but in her beloved New Mexico would Natalia Colon want to spend a summer---preferably in the strong arms of her macho childhood friend, Esteban Montalvo. But when she arrives home, hurting from a broken engagement, Natalia discovers her childhood pal has become a minor league baseball player, and with his dark, athletic good looks, is attracting women like bees to honey. She fears he'd never be interested in a bookish school teacher like her. But how wrong she is! Esteban has been secretly in love with Natalia from the time they were children, but he worries his love isn't good enough for her. Can he win Natalia's heart . . . with a soul-searing romance that fulfills all of her summer dreams.

Summer Dreams by Hebby Roman

Summer DreamsIts summer and straight-laced teacher, Natalia has come home to New Mexico, once again. This year is different in so many ways, Natalia has broken off her engagement to a successful business man who rubbed elbows with the elite and her childhood friend, Esteban has become a babe magnet with his dark good looks and his quest to be a pro baseball player. Together they are still great friends, but something is different and Esteban may have stepped over the friendship line, terrifying Natalia that should they become friends with benefits, she will lose the one person she knows will always have her back.

Esteban has loved Natalia from afar for years, but now he is determined that she will know, fully hoping she will reciprocate his feelings, but those words refuse to leave her mouth. Is he not good enough for her? She deserves more than he could ever give her, unless he makes it to the big leagues, with his heart on his sleeve he vows to always be there for her and to make her see they are meant to be together, until her past comes slithering back in the shape of her ex-fiance, with a devious plan to save his own hide at any cost.

In a powerfully dramatic Hispanic romance, Hebby Roman gives us all the turmoil of angsty love, danger, and one woman who refuses to listen to her heart, let alone her grandmother when it comes to the love that is standing before her with open arms. They say love can be blind and for as kind, caring and giving as Esteban is, Natalia is just as self-absorbed in her own life, needing continual proof that she is afraid to believe. But grandmothers and Cupids always know best, if only Natalia would listen. Will she push Esteban so far that he gives up or will she realize there is more to true love and the sense of “home” than the glamor and glitz of the big city?

I received this copy from Hebby Roman in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Dianne, thank you so much for the wonderful review! I love it, as always, you summed up my book with such an awesome review. I would have come by sooner, but for some reason, had trouble getting to your site. Thanks, again, so much!

  2. Great review for Summer Dreams by Hebby Roman. Ms Roman tells an awesome story!