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High above the Earth, young angels must choose their path...
Katie Pottle has TEN eCopies & TWO Print copies to giveaway
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Cloud Shifters
by Katie Pottle

My rating: 5 stars
Series: Cloud Lands Saga - Book 1
Publisher: Ellechor Media & Associates, LLC
Publication Date: January 27, 2016
Genre: Children's | Angels
Print Length: 282 pages
Available from: Amazon

 High above Earth the young angels of the Cloud Land of Glade are preparing for another school year. For Cadin and his best friend Lep, this means leaving middle school and entering Commons High School where they must choose a Path.
In a year where they already have to worry about homework and their Auras emerging, a challenge for Warrior Path angels opens to new students for the first time in the history of the Games. Follow Cadin’s journey through this vivid new land as he gathers an unorthodox team of young angels who must earn challenging arm badges as the first step in securing a spot in the Calvarian Games. Along the way, friendships grow and his character is tested as Cadin learns that his unique abilities make him either a weapon or a target in a looming war.
Which path will he choose?

Special Bonus: Free download instructions for the Official Cloud Shifters Xbox One / Windows 10 video game in each copy.
Cloud Shifters by Katie Pottle (Cloud Lands Saga Book 1)

Cloud Shifters (Cloud Lands Saga Book 1)How often have you wished for a sweet fantasy, charming characters, no in-your-face battle gore and to feel the clouds under your feet? Come on, we've all wondered about that! Katie Pottle has created that world, perfect for middlegrade readers on up, and I do mean perfect! Cloud Shifters is a delightful tale of young angels growing up in their world in the clouds, discovering their place and pride in a world where tempers rarely flare, but boys will be boys…

If you thought the angst of going to high school was just for humans, ask Cadin and his friends, because not only they must choose their life Path, they will come into their auras and gifts, gain their wings to fly and come of age in a world far above us in the clouds.

There will be challenges and trials and the opportunity to try new things, to find their strengths and interests and to earn badges that will become the first step in finding a spot in the coveted Calvarin Games for Warrior Path angels. Together with his ragtag group of friends, they explore new experiences, get into a little trouble and face the future with youthful insecurities.

For most students, it is cut and dry, but for Cadin, the mystery of his abilities and his aura threaten to put him at the heart of trouble brewing between angel factions. And you thought your high school days were awkward?

Katie Pottle’s world is endearing, the kids are so life-like and normal, even the teachers are like that favorite teacher you had, the one who went far above the call of duty for the students. Ina world where patience and kindness is the norm, being able to manipulate clouds to do your bidding is a true bonus! Magical, special reading that is sure to delight every reader, with no fear of what younger eyes might read! If this isn’t in every library, it should be.

Katie is a biologist, master level Taekwondo instructor, and martial arts photographer. She earned her M.S. in Biological Science from the University of Nebraska and lives with her family in Colorado. With her husband, Bill, Katie has co-authored several non-fiction martial arts books. Her passion for reading and observation of the amazing clouds along the Front Range moved her to write her first young adult fantasy series.
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