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Tommaso (Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. #2) by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

My rating: 5 stars - Favorite

Series: Immortal matchmakers, Inc. - Book 2
Publisher: Mimi Boutique - P&S, Inc. (May 24, 2016)
Publication Date: May 24, 2016
Genre: Paranormal Romance | Comedy
Print Length: 228 pages
Available from: Amazon | iTunes | B & N | Kobo


Tommaso Fierro is used to the finer things in life—nice suits, nice car, nice house. Okay, his past isn’t so nice, but that’s in the past. Or at least it was until he blacked out after meeting the woman of his dreams.

Annnd possibly capturing her.

Annnd possibly terrorizing her before she got away.

Annnd discovering that he’s turning into a horrible creature he loathes with all his heart.

Luckily, there’s a cure. Unluckily, it will require him to track this woman down and convince her to give him a second chance. But if he finds her, will she ever believe that he’s really not a monster?

Tommaso (Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. #2) 
by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

TOMMASO (Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. Book 2)Yes, sometimes men can be monsters, but they are pussy cats compared to the machinations of our Cimil! Get ready to re-enter Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s crazy world of the gods, the demigods and the mere mortals who seem to be able to outplay, out last and pretty much bring these gods to their knees, lost in love!

Tomasso is the tale of these immortals, used to the finer things in life, okay, he expected he deserved the finer things in life and took advantage at any opportunity. He had some bad times to make up for and all was terrific until THAT night…the night he found his true mate and may have been less than impressive, suave or debonair. In a word, he may have been a monster, so why should he get a second chance to impress? You know what they say about first impressions.
Charlotte is in his sights, she’s the one and if he cannot convince her of how awesome he is, Cimil has predicted that he will be one of the unlucky bachelors who go over to the dark side. Charlotte, a golf pro has a mean 9 iron swing and vague childhood memories that terrify her, memories that keep her in fear, distrustful and a prisoner of her own life. Let’s just say that Tomasso comes on a little too strong, in his usual manner of doing things and hotness in the flesh or not, Charlotte is not convinced she should trust him, let alone marry him.

And, as they say, let the fun begin! Can Tomasso prove he is worthy of Charlotte or that he wants her for more than saving his immortal hide? Will going through hell and back finally convince her? Talk about an about face, humility in a god or demigod? Rational thinking from Cimil, too? Whoa….scratch that, this is fantasy, but we’re talking Cimil here.

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff has unleashed her crazy imagination on us again in all of its glory! Plan ahead for this one, because talking to your eReader or laughing at it may be cause for concern among your family, so kick ‘em outta the house, this is your time with Ms. Pamfiloff and her crazy and signature sense of writing style as we learn if a mortal woman can tame the monster in a god.

I received an ARC edition from Mimi Jean Pamfiloff in exchange for my honest review.

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