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A Second Chance At Love by Jennifer Byars (The Rocker Girls Series Book 1)

A Second Chance At Love
by Jennifer Byars

My rating: 4 stars

Series: The Rocker Girls Series - Book 1
Publisher: Bare Tree Press (April 20, 2016)
Publication Date: April 20, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance | Rockstar Romance
Print Length: 186 pages
Available from: Amazon
Beautiful, elegant, and intelligent, Addison Reade gave up her dreams of being a doctor long ago when she married James Richardson, the lead singer for the world famous rock band Death Ever After. Instead, she immersed herself in her husband’s career and the band’s dream of making music. At the same time, she starts her own band, aptly named Spitfire.

Unfortunately, years of touring and fame change the Jimmy that Addison once new. Now only woman, drugs, and alcohol consume his world. It is only after Addison serves him with divorce papers that the abuse starts. Like the flip of a switch, the man she once loved becomes a complete stranger to her. When she lands in the hospital after one of Jimmy’s rages, she and her Spitfire bandmates decided to hit the road and run away, leaving behind her ex-husband and the out-of-control lifestyle that followed Death Ever After like a plague.

It is a stark change moving from California to Ohio, but Addison does so because here she can once again pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. She and her band also find an amazing gig at Tab, one of Cleveland’s hottest clubs. Still smarting from her divorce and the need to repair her broken heart, the last thing Addison needs is to fall in love again. All she wants is to become a doctor, build her medical career, and settle into a world far from the craziness of her past life. Then, Winston Mallory walks into her life. Win, as his friends all call him, is the lead guitarist for the band Inferno. The tall, smooth talking, and auburn-haired, this bad boy rocker has never had a problem getting woman into his bed. The last thing he needs in life right now is anything more serious than a one-night stand. He and his band have in their sights on a possible record deal. This means heading out to California and a chance at the big time. At last, fame, fortune, money, and woman were all at his fingertips.

That all changes when the most beautiful woman Win has ever seen steps out of an old purple van out front of his apartment building. That’s when the complications and the many questions begin.

Can Addison put her past behind her? Is she willing to fight for her new career while balancing a new relationship? Is Win willing to stay in Cleveland or is the lure of Hollywood too strong? Is he willing to live with Addison’s past, or will the memory of the infamous Jimmy Richardson get in the way of their future?  

A Second Chance At Love by Jennifer Byars
(The Rocker Girls Series Book 1) 

A Second Chance At Love (The Rocker Girls Series Book 1)Having learned that the dream of being married to a rock star could be a nightmare of epic proportions, Addison is determined to start over far away and resume her dream of becoming a doctor. How could she know that when she and her best friends, traveled across the country to hide from Jimmy, the one man who catches her eye and possibly her heart has his own dream to become a famous rocker. Addison has been there, watched the man she loved turn into a crazed monster and has the scars to prove it, the last thing she needs is to relive that horror with someone new.

Meanwhile Addison and her friends still like to rock the house with their all-female band with their raw and sensual music and moves. Is Addison playing with fire or is she meant to live a dual life as music becomes the medicine she needs as badly as the patients she treats?

Win came into her life and turned her emotions to jelly. Cocky, self-assured and offering Addison the life she ran from, Win has no idea who she is, who she was married to and why she ran. When her past catches up with her, will her lies by omission be enough to push Win away or will he find the beauty of the woman on the inside means more to him than he realized? How will he convince Addison he is not like her ex? Can he keep her safe when her past catches up with her?

A Second Chance at Love by Jennifer Byars is a tale of not seeing the forest for the trees. Does one bad experience with a rocker mean they are all like poison? At times a fun read, with a group of free-spirited, yet damaged women who meet up with a band on the cusp of fame. Addison can be a frustrating character, not quite choosing which side of the fence she will land on, but not discouraging the connection she feels to a man who can lose his temper similar to her ex. Loved the supporting characters, who had lots of great dialogue and banter. Add in a little knuckle-dragging machismo from the male characters and let the music of love soar, even with a few sour notes along the way.

I received this copy from Jennifer Byars in exchange for my honest review.

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