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Every Kingdom Divided by Stephen Kozeniewski

Every Kingdom Divided
by Stephen Kozeniewski

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Mirror Matter Press (December 15, 2015)
Publication Date: December 15, 2015
Genre: Futuristic sci-fi | Dystopian
Print Length: 292 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

2035 A.D. After the 2nd American Civil War Jack Pasternak, a laid-back California doctor, receives a garbled distress call from his fiancée in Maryland before her transmissions stop altogether. Unfortunately for Jack, citizens of the Blue States are no longer allowed to cross Red America. He is faced with an impossible choice: ignore his lover's peril or risk his own life and sanity by venturing into the dark heart of The Red States. When the armies of the Mexican Reconquista come marching into Los Angeles, Jack's hand is forced and he heads east in an old-fashioned gas guzzling car. Stephen Kozeniewski, writer of Braineater Jones, The Ghoul Archipelago and Billy and The Cloneasaurus, brings an epic future adventure.

Every Kingdom Divided by Stephen Kozeniewski

Every Kingdom DividedThe second Civil War hasn’t united America, it has turned it into a palette of enemy factions, each claiming the their position to be right, each claiming their borders as sovereign, and each wanting to have the entire pie for themselves and their people. Reds, Whites, Blues, religious zealots killing under the guise of salvation and a Higher Power, pacifists, who kill to uphold their tenet of NOT killing, atheists and agnostics who believe this is it, you live once, do it right.

Jack, a doctor from California, sarcastic, quick-witted and a citizen of the Blue States undertakes a perilous journey into the deadly Red States on a quest to save his lover in Maryland. Not to worry Motor City, he’s doing it in a good old-fashioned, gas guzzling muscle car, way to not stick out, huh?

Valiant as his quest may be, it’s the journey that makes a reluctant and unlikely hero more powerful than a snake charmer, able to evade death with his golden tongue. What will he find at the end of his journey? Who will he be? Will his beliefs change? Follow Jack as he sees violence and hatred in action, plays the game of lie or be lied to and faces down the barrels of his executioners alone when dawn arrives, which is where he is when we first meet him.

Every Kingdom Divided by Stephen Kozeniewski is another stellar and completely entertaining read from this talented author! Mr. Kozeniewski knows how to grab his readers by their imaginations and present a futuristic dystopian tale that is filled with witty banter, brilliant characters who are multi-faceted, and scenes that left me wondering, was this really a time to be laughing or smirking, this is war, after all. Often light-hearted, always well-written, never dull or predictable! And Jack? Hands down, even without a cape, he is a hero! Too bad he couldn’t fly, though…

I received this copy from Stephen Kozeniewski in exchange for my honest review.

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