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Fire in Frost (Crystal Frost #1) by Alicia Rades

Fire in Frost
by Alicia Rades

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Crystal Frost - Book 1
Publisher: PaperPlane Publishing (March 13, 2015)
Publication Date: March 13, 2015
Genre: 12+ Fantasy
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 099146933X
Print Length: 241 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Crystal Frost has spent her whole life believing she's ordinary, and her mother has long held the secret of her heritage. When Crystal begins seeing the ghost of a dead classmate, her life spirals out of control. She’s faced with the threat that everyone will find out she’s a freak, as if the struggle to figure out her new-found abilities wasn’t enough pressure. Crystal has to find some way to save the people who have come to her for help all while trying to keep her abilities a secret. Will she be able to fulfill these overwhelming demands while solving the mystery that is the ghost of Olivia Owen?

 Fire in Frost (Crystal Frost #1) by Alicia Rades

Fire in Frost (Crystal Frost, #1)She’s always been a normal girl, dealing with life and high school the best she can, but the day she thought she saw the ghost of a girl who died a year before, Crystal wasn’t too sure this constituted “normal” on any scale. So, who can she talk to about this? How about the expert in all things occult, her mother. And that’s when Mom dropped the bomb. Crystal has a gift, inherited through the generations and it has finally manifested itself because Crystal is “maturing.” Olivia’s ghost is begging her to help someone in danger, but who? Top it all off with, her gift isn’t something everyone needs to hear about and the mystery begins.

Trusting her two best friends, she gets one positive response and one, not-so-positive and of course she is overheard in the school bathroom by a girl who has rarely given her the time of day. What she discovers is that one of her classmates is in trouble and the ghost of Olivia can’t help her, but Crystal can. If she can come up with a plan that doesn’t get her jailed or worse.

Fire in Frost by Alicia Rades is part Nancy Drew, part Bewitched and completely entertaining reading for young teens on up! Hang on to your crystal ball as Crystal uses her newly found gift to bring peace to a restless soul and justice to a friend in need.

Ms. Rades tells a delightful tale that tackles fantasy with a light-hearted twist and spotlighting a troubling social issue at the same time. Crystal is a wonderful character and in her willingness to act is a lesson for everyone, maybe not all of her methods, but hey, she’s a teen! Meanwhile, the supporting cast has a touch of quirkiness and charm that that makes almost everyone friends in no time!
Do you need a summer read for a young teen? I would definitely check this one out!

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