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Gather the Sentient by Amalie Jahn (The Sevens Prophecy, #2)

Gather the Sentient
by Amalie Jahn

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Sevens Prophecy - Book 2
Publisher: Bermlord (July 1, 2016)
Publication Date: July 1, 2016
Genre: Fantasy | Paranormal
Print Length: 227 pages
Available from: Amazon

 What if a group of psychic strangers came together to save the world?

The Sevens Prophecy
(With Regard to the End of Days)

There will come a day when seven psychic children of the light and seven psychic children of the dark will be born. From the moment of their birth, strong powers will be in place to bring the seven light together and the seven dark together to form two separate but equally powerful groups. The first seven to gather all in one place will seal the fate of the world – dark for hell, light for heaven. At that point the seven deadly sins will take over the world or cease to exist.

After Mia is rescued from the trafficking ring’s basement brothel, she and Thomas begin putting both their lives and the pieces of the Sevens Prophecy together, but quickly discover there may be little hope for the light psychics.

Little do they know that the powerful forces alluded to in the prophecy are already working to bring the light psychics together. Unfortunately, they’re bringing the dark psychics together as well.

As both sides of the prophecy gather, which group will ultimately decide the fate of the world?

Gather the Sentient by Amalie Jahn (The Sevens Prophecy, #2)

Gather the Sentient (The Sevens Prophecy, #2)The fate of the world becomes the prize as an ancient prophecy is coming to fruition. Seven psychics will be born and they will change the world. Will they be seven from the light or seven from the dark? The prophecy states the first seven to come together will seal the world’s fate. Will Earth’s fate be in the hands of Heaven or Hell?

The forces are bringing both the light and dark sevens together and the rest will be up to the ones who gather.

Mia and Thomas have survived their past encounters and are searching for others for the light, knowing that the odds of them finding seven may be impossible when they may have already lost one of their own. Without an organized method to search, their numbers grow quite by accident, by Fate, but is it possible it is already too late? Each with their own special power, will they be forced to stand against their dark counterparts without their full force?

Meanwhile, the dark are gathering with a vengeance under the guidance of a criminal mastermind, born to be evil. By utilizing the wealth of one of their most powerful in their global search, they take advantage of their powers in their systematic search for their evil cohorts. Like finding a needle in a hay stack, they are determined to win their moment of glory.

Daily life goes on, but time is running out for the final showdown, how can their allies be found without raising suspicions of their mental health and the unbelievable?

Step into the world of Amalie Jahn and feel the power of a prophecy’s weight on those meant to play the puppets in its play. Feel the hope of the light side and the vile darkness of their foes. With a brilliant plot, executed with a sense of mystery and foreboding, we are held in suspense as to how the prophecy will play out. Clearly the preparations have been made and only the final pieces must be found, while we are left to wonder, who will gather first and how will the lost psychics be found?

Ms. Jahn has raised the intrigue bar with her gift of writing as we must wait just a little longer for our questions to be answered.

I received an ARC edition from Amalie Jahn in exchange for my honest review.

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