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Let There Be Linda by Rich Leder

Let There Be Linda
by Rich Leder

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Laugh Riot Press (July 1, 2016)
Publication Date: July 1, 2016
Genre: Dark Humor
Print Length: 377 pages
Available from: Amazon

Leder's black comic caper tells the tall tale of estranged brothers Mike and Dan Miller—accountant and con-man talent agent respectively—up to their necks in the virtual quicksand of LA's San Fernando Valley during the hottest summer in Southern California history.

The root cause of their problems could be the missing seventy-five thousand dollars, or the sadistic, loan shark dwarf and his vicious giant, or the psycho comedian cop on the case, or the coke-snorting dentist, or the deranged zombie real estate developer. Or perhaps it’s the poodle—the poodle is suspect, no doubt. Or maybe it's the grocery store checker who breathes life into death. Oh yes, it could be her too.

And so to repair the head-on collision the Millers have made of their personal and professional lives, the brothers summon their mother back from the dead to clean up the wreckage. But what the Miller men discover is that screwing with the laws of nature is forever and always a violent, bloody, hysterical, and hilarious idea. 

 Let There Be Linda by Rich Leder

Who doesn’t like a twisted tale of brotherly fights, loyalties and, to be honest, shared stupidity? What about black humor, humor so off sometimes, that you laugh just because it’s that or roll your eyes. How do you feel about zombies, perverted clowns and a girl with kaleidoscope eyes? Would your interest be peaked if the dead were brought back to life, for better or for worse?

Rich Leder’s black comedic tale, Let There Be Linda proves that no matter how bad your life gets, how many mistakes you make, there is no way it can be worse than it is for two brothers, one who fancies himself Brad Pitt’s doppelganger and one who is admittedly overweight, out of shape and Mr. Straight Arrow. How does Danny convince Mike to get involved in his hair brain scheme to make the big bucks, fast and easy? Was it that Mike just lost his job, his family and his dreams or is it that Danny really has found something unique, something that the bad guys want, in addition to the thousands of dollars Gambler Dan owes them? Their mom has just died, Dan’s dentist’s dog has been killed and the gorgeous Jenny just happens to know how to breathe life back into them. Pretty much from here this ride becomes a freefall down Niagra Falls in nothing but your swim trunks. If you survive, those rapids are going to shred your funny bone!

From start to finish, expect the off color, the dark and the strange, very strange. Expect to find humor in some of the strangest things at the same time. If this were a sitcom, it would be a hit, because thinking of people like this actually walking the streets of reality, is far too frightening. I call this a fun read that isn’t’ even asking you to believe it, just go with it!
I received this copy from Rich Leder in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Awesome, Dii! I'm so grateful for your terrific review, which includes one of my favorite review lines ever: just go with it! Your support means everything to me. Fabulous to be a part of your cool site today.