Monday, June 20, 2016

Moon Mark by Scarlett Dawn (Mark #2)

Moon Mark
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Written by: Scarlett Dawn
Print Length: 149 pages
Publication Date: June 20, 2016
Genre: Scifi | Post-Apocalyptic | Romance

Subject Name: Madeline Faire
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Designation: Prisoner
Temperament: Curious

When natural disaster strikes Joyal, Madeline is tossed from her planet into the hands of the Kireg. Madeline has always feared the Kireg, an alien who can bend—or snap—a mind with only a thought. What she found on their home planet is even more frightening. Civil unrest has exploded and enemies are everywhere. But the one thing she never expected to find was her mate, the rebellion leader who started the war.

Moon Mark (Mark, #2)Moon Mark by Scarlett Dawn

Once again Dawn sweeps us away to the worlds of Joyal, Kireg and Mian with Moon Mark, a novella length standalone that coincides with the Mark series.

Madeline is a young human scientist/inventor that is sent off to live on the planet Kireg. A planet inhabited by beings with superior strength and the ability to read and control minds. Madeline is fearful but inquisitive, making her stand out from the other humans taken to Kireg.

Madeline quickly discovers that there was more to fear than just the Kireg’s ability for mind control. Kireg is currently in the midst of a civil war and she is caught smack dab in the middle…on the rebel side.

Madeline’s wit and spunk will only get her so far, but becoming someone’s mate was never part of the plan. Don’t forget to strap yourself in for this ride, it is about to get bumpy. Madeline’s and Geo’s relationship is all but pushed upon them and neither is going down without a fight.

Holy hotness alien man, Dawn brings the heat in this world hopping novella and as always she left us wanting more. I am seriously hoping we are going to get a Braita/Madeline reunion...with their guys this time.

I received this copy of Moon Mark from Scarlett Dawn in exchange for a honest review.

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