Thursday, June 23, 2016

Moonstruck by Lauren Dane (Diablo Lake #1)

by Lauren Dane

My rating: 4 stars

Title: Diablo Lake: Moonstruck
Author: Lauren Dane
Pub date: June 20, 2016
Series: Diablo Lake, 1/2
eISBN: 9781459290242
Format: MMPB/eBook
Imprint: Carina Press
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Shifters

In Diablo Lake, Washington, a town populated by werewolves, witches, and more, magic woven deep into the earth protects the town's secrets from outsiders.

Katie Grady left Diablo Lake to get over a humiliating breakup; but her family needs her help, so she's back, in a sublet right across the hall from the guy she's lusted after for years. Jace Dooley is hotter than ever, and their friendship picks up along with massive doses of grown-up chemistry.

The very scent of Katie sharpens Jace's canines, makes the wolf within him stir. There's nothing more alluring to a Pack Alpha than a sexy female who is so very in charge. She won't be coddled, but if he plays his hand just right she might be convinced to become his.

Katie presents a challenge to Jace's wolf nature, whose chief instinct is to protect. Especially now that she's coming into the magic that is her birthright - and suddenly Jace isn't the only one who's interested in Katie, or the raw power she's just learning to use.

Moonstruck by Lauren Dane (Diablo Lake #1)

Moonstruck (Diablo Lake, #1)Take one secluded small town, two rival were clans, add the town witches, and rest assured you have a recipe for trouble and fur will fly. Katie, a witch, is back in town after being left at the altar by a Pembrey werewolf years before and no one is happier than the future alpha of the Dooley pack, Jace.

Gone is the young witch just coming into her powers and in her place is a stunning and feisty woman, whose powers are have grown exponentially. It’s that power, those looks and that inner strength that has Jace chasing his tail to impress upon her that they were meant to be together. Too bad the Pembreys need to stick their muzzles in at every opportunity with veiled threats and nasty comments just to stir up the pot of discontent within the town all because they want Katie’s powers for their pack.

Will Katie and Jace have to give up on their dream of being together to avoid a war of the weres?
Moonstruck by Lauren Dane is one high tension read. I have to say, I love those witches, talk about fiery and fierce when someone messes with their own! Katie has attitude, isn’t afraid to speak up but is cautious about choosing her battles if it may affect someone she cares about. Jace is an Alpha Wolf, about to become the leader of his pack, need I say more? Lauren Dane has given us the Hatfields and McCoys with fangs, fur and magic, as well as a hefty dose of romantic heat and passion. Nice start to a new series that looks to become a boiling cauldron of trouble in Diablo Lake.

I received an ARC edition from Carina Press & Lauren Dane in exchange for my honest review.


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