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Mythical by Michael Weekly (Mystical, #2)

by Michael Weekly

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Mystical - Book 2
Publication Date: June 7, 2016
Publisher: Limitless Publishing, LLC
ISBN-13: 9781680586602
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Pages: 374
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

When you’re a witch in a kingdom of Elves, there’s bound to be conflict…

Eliza Rose finds herself in a world full of Elves—the very creatures she is sworn to kill. To make matters worse, she is forced to slay her own mother. But one question remains. Why was her mother in such a horrid place to begin with? E

liza and Donovan cannot face the dangers of Ellevil alone…

When the Elf, Christian, meets Eliza for the first time, he knows he must have her. As a master of manipulation, he will do anything he can to get his way. Donovan has left his old gang life behind. In his journeys with Eliza, he has seen her talents as an assassin bloom. He wants what is best for her, and he is certain that Christian is anything but.

In a land of pure beings called Mystics, not all of them are what they seem…

When Eliza falls in love with Christian, only Donovan knows the Elf can’t be trusted. Christian manipulates the myth within her to come forth, and Eliza’s hidden power is unleashed, bringing her true nature to light.

Answers might be found in the fairy and mermaid kingdoms…

To discover why Eliza’s mother was in Ellevil, Eliza and Christian must embark on a journey to the fairy and mermaid kingdoms. As challenges continue to unfold, Eliza is forced to choose between her hidden power and the witch she truly is. Eliza Rose must unlock her hidden power in order to survive, but time is running out.

Corruption may overcome her—the same way it consumed her mother.

  Mythical by Michael Weekly (Mystical, #2)

Mythical (Mystical, #2)In a tale as complex and intense as Mystical, Michael Weekly is back with Mythical and Eliza Rose’s life is becoming ever more dark, frightening and filled with even more danger and deceit at every corner. Is it possible that love is going to turn on her, too? She falls for a trickster, but is it the really her or the half she is struggling to control? I a world where anyone who is different is suspect, Eliza must come to terms and control both her light witch side and her dark elf side. Easier said than done with everyone having their own agenda with her as the tool to get the job done.

Eliza is sworn to kill the evil elves, but now things have taken a turn for the worse, and her hidden genetics are rearing their ugly heads. In the fight to control her soul, how will win, the witch or the elf? Follow Eliza as she struggles to find the answers and strength she needs to maintain her good side, faces death and deception, and feels romantic inclinations for Christian, the dark elf, who is everything she should hate.

In the battle for Eliza, which side will win? Can anyone trust her? Michael Weekly has woven another web of fantasy that will ensnare readers from start to finish as poor Eliza Rose jumps dimensions, morphs into her alter selves and struggles with in her own body for control. With more depth, more drama and even more WELL-DEVELOPED characters in a cast of fantasy beings, Michael Weekly has kept the tension high and the details coming like a freight train on a deadline. Forget relaxing throughout this read, there isn’t a moment that won’t keep you on the edge of your seat! Who knew the fantasy world could be intense, so dark, so twisted and so fascinating?

I received this copy from Michael Weekly in exchange for my honest review.

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