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Play Fair by L.P. Maxa (The Devil's Share #3)

Play Fair
by L.P. Maxa

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Devil's Share - Book 3
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group (April 21, 2016)
Publication Date: April 21, 2016
Genre: Contemporary N/A Romance
Print Length: 201 pages
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Jackson Cole has been called many things: immature, irresponsible, sexy as hell. But one thing he’s never been called is “Dad”—until Child Services shows up on his doorstep with a waifish nine-year-old claiming he’s the father. What’s a rock star to do? Call your best friend, who just happens to be super hot, funny, and even more commitment-phobic than you, and beg her to help. Of course, now that his friend is living in the same house, Jacks is finding it harder and harder to keep his hands to himself.

Bryan Lawson never expected to become pals with a charming, hilarious, breathtakingly handsome rock star, but after they met backstage at one of Jacks’s concerts, she couldn’t stop texting him. He’s just the sort of person she could imagine being with forever, except that, try as she might, she’s never managed to stay interested in a relationship for more than three months. Now that Jacks is a dad, the stakes are much higher. A breakup wouldn’t just ruin their friendship, it would destroy a little girl who’s just learning to love. But maybe also the game has changed.

Play Fair by L.P. Maxa (The Devil's Share #3)

Play FairAren’t hot guitarists in a world-famous rock band supposed to be free-wheeling, party animals? Don’t they have groupies at every stop just dying to be another notch on their bedposts, or restrooms or broom closets? Color Jackson Cole, guitarist for The Devil’s Share a total stereotypical man whore. Well, make that former man whore as he finds a long distance best friend in Bryan Lawson, beautiful, and free-spirited Bryan, who doesn’t want another boyfriend.

It all began with The Knock on the Door and suddenly, the poster child for irresponsibility has been given the greatest responsibility of all, being a father to a nine-year-old girl, whose life has been hard, to say the least. What would you do? You'd call your best friend to freak out, of course, and maybe plead for help, too. Being a good best friend, Bryan comes running, fresh out of university finals. The woman who wants to live free has just set herself up for a total eclipse of the heart and it isn’t just the smart little girl standing I front of her it’s the big bad rocker looking terrified, too.

Is Landry the one who will make a family out of two reluctant hearts that are too afraid to say, “I love you?” Hang on to your heartstrings as L.P. Maxa brings us Play Fair and takes The Devil’s Share and Jackson in particular, deeper into the world of growing up, discovering what is truly important in life and makes a man out of an overgrown kid in just a heartbeat. If this is what it took for Jackson to stop trying to self-implode and to share the secrets of his heart with Bryan, then it is quite possible that Cupid does like Rock and Roll!

Absolutely the most fun of the series, the most heart-wrenching and, well, geez, L.P. Maxa pulled out all the stops, there was even a puppy! This one had me grinning and saying, AHA! I knew IT, but don’t think the trail to the end is all hearts and flowers, there is some pretty intense depth of feeling going on and this author has rocked every single page!
I received this copy from L.P. Maxa in exchange for my honest review.

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