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Summer Solstice: When Friends Become Lovers, Hebby Roman, Carra Copelin, Susan Ann Wall, JL Campbell, Sylvie Grayson, PC Zick, Nikki Lynn Barrett

Summer Solstice:
When Friends Become Lovers
by JL Campbell Hebby Roman, Carra Copelin, Susan Ann Wall,  Sylvie Grayson, PC Zick, Nikki Lynn Barrett,

My rating: 4 stars

Summer Dreams
Its summer and straight-laced teacher, Natalia has come home to New Mexico, once again. This year is different in so many ways, Natalia has broken off her engagement to a successful business man who rubbed elbows with the elite and her childhood friend, Esteban has become a babe magnet with his dark good looks and his quest to be a pro baseball player. Together they are still great friends, but something is different and Esteban may have stepped over the friendship line, terrifying Natalia that should they become friends with benefits, she will lose the one person she knows will always have her back.

Esteban has loved Natalia from afar for years, but now he is determined that she will know, fully hoping she will reciprocate his feelings, but those words refuse to leave her mouth. Is he not good enough for her?

In a powerfully dramatic Hispanic romance, Summer DreamsHebby Roman gives us all the turmoil of angsty love, danger, and one woman who refuses to listen to her heart, let alone her grandmother when it comes to the love that is standing before with open arms. They say love can be blind and for as kind, caring and giving as Esteban is, Natalia is just as self-absorbed in her own life, needing continual proof that she is afraid to believe. But grandmothers and Cupids always know best, if only Natalia would listen. Will she push Esteban so far that he gives up or will she realize there is more to true love and the sense of “home” than the glamor and glitz of the big city?

Code of Honor
The official reports say he committed suicide after a drug overdose while flying the company jet. She lost her job and a respected RN when she was accused of stealing the drugs her husband took. Uncover operative, Graeme McAlister doesn’t believe any of it and he is back in Texas to uncover the truth that has eluded the officials. His gut says his brother did not kill himself just as adamantly as it knows that Maggie, the widowed mother did not steal the drugs that took her husband’s life. What neither of them expected was that old feelings from long ago may be re-kindled and they could get a second chance at the love they let go.

Hang on tight as Carra Copelin takes us into a sinister world of deceit, death and danger in Code of Honor as two determined people join forces to uncover the truth that has torn lives apart and left scars of doubt in a small Texas town. Part mystery, part romance and completely engaging, Ms. Copelin fills each scene in deep detail until you become part of this twisted tale as it is playing out. For romance lovers who enjoy the re-kindling of love and the re-growing of trust, it’s here between Graeme and Maggie. Add a sweet child to the mix and even the coldest heart will begin to melt. As the danger mounts, and the tension increases don’t be surprised if you find yourself holding your breath! From start to finish be prepared for the unexpected as the suspense unfolds.

The Sound of Deception
Morgan is determined NEVER to repeat her mother’s mistakes. No man would own her heart or control her body, ever.

Bryan would NEVER, absolutely NEVER let his best friend know about his feelings for Morgan, well, not unless he had a death wish. Being called a manwhore was a well-earned title, but Bryan never found a woman that could make an honest man out of him, until Morgan, off limits Morgan, totally hot Morgan, very confusing Morgan and very emotionally stunted Morgan. Can love conquer all or will they remain friends with benefits, benefits neither of them are willing to share with others?

The Sound of Deception by Susan Ann Wall is a fun read that also has the ability to completely frustrate, when two people refuse to admit that the wild and passionate sex between them is anything more than hormones in action while hiding their affair from everyone around them, especially Morgan’s overprotective brother. As a couple Bryan and Morgan have chemistry, no doubt, but their constant reference to what Morgan’s brother will do if he found out got old. If this couple, so obviously meant for each other can scorch the sheets with such abandon, they can come out from under the sheets so to speak. A great mix of subplots and characters phasing in and out in this emotional rollercoaster of love!

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