Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tammy L. Bailey Presents LORD BACHELOR Interview & Giveaway

Can a Lord Bachelor find his true love on a game show?
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Lord Bachelor
by Tammy L. Bailey

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc (December 7, 2015)
Publication Date: December 7, 2015
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Print Length: 289 pages
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Edmund Rushwood is a single English lord in possession of a great fortune who is in desperate need of a rich wife.

In accordance with his father’s will, Edmund has until he turns twenty-six to find a wealthy bride or lose his vast inheritance. To retain his selfish lifestyle, he agrees to join an American dating game show to find the woman who can save him. He doesn’t bargain on meeting Abby Forester, an impoverished, spirited American woman who is content to live out her father’s dreams in his vintage record shop.

With covert intervention from an unlikely source, Abby lands on the dating game show as one of Edmund’s potential brides. As their worlds entangle and love begins to bloom, Abby discovers Edmund cannot marry her and retain his wealth at the same time. Will love keep them together, or will greed triumph and tear them apart?

Thank you, Tammy for taking time out for a few painless questions,  we like to really get to know an author as a person-flaws-joys and all!

Tell us about Tammy L. Bailey –

Let’s see. I have two wonderful boys and a supportive husband who knows how to make me laugh...a lot. It usually takes me a day or two to make a decision about anything. Also, I’m really bad at telling jokes (I always mess up the punch line), and I can hardly wait until 3.17.17 when the Beauty and the Beast movie is released.

Tell us 3 or more things about you that cannot be found online-

I once rode an elevator with Robert Downy Jr. I had signed up for a trip to Hollywood with seven other students, and we were going to talk to a producer about the ins and outs of movie making. We all loaded in the elevator along with the Iron Man. He was extremely nice and courteous.

My mom actually had two sets of twins. My older brother and sister are fraternal, and my sister and I are identical. At least, two out of three doctors said we were identical. We do have our differences. She’s an extrovert and I’m an introvert.

The first book I ever wrote was a historical romance called, “In the Arms of a Gentleman”. It still sits in my computer, waiting for some MAJOR re-writes.

During Army basic training, I repelled off a 70-ft tower and threw two live grenades.

My favorite food would have to be Thai food. I wished I had a least favorite food. I like...just about everything. I’m not picky. When I was stationed in Hawaii, I tried eel once. It was actually quite good.

What is your least favorite interview question? 
I’m not sure I have a least favorite interview question. They are all challenging, and they give me a chance to self-reflect. I believe that’s a good thing. 

Spoken like a true diplomat, holding a grenade...
I was born in historical Appomattox, Virginia. After graduating from high school, I joined the military and served five years in the active duty Army. After leaving, I decided to go into the Ohio Air National Guard where I retired as a Master Sergeant in 2011.

I admit, I am an avid Jane Austen fan and try to incorporate her in my books, in one way or another.

When I'm not writing, I'm spending time with my husband and two boys, ages 13 and 10. Without their sacrifice and understanding, I would have never been able to pursue my passion of writing or my accomplishment of becoming a published author.

No matter what I write and read, there ALWAYS has to be a happy ending.

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  1. No i don't think I would
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    Thank you for the chance..

  2. This sounds like such an interesting concept for a story! I personally wouldn't go on a show to find a spouse- I found mine on Facebook lol thanks so much for the chance! :)

  3. No I wouldn't. I would go on a dating website like match but a game show no way. But I think it will be a great story. Thanks for the chance to win. :)

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  5. I probably wouldn't to find a spouse but would love to appear on a game show. THankyou for the excerpt & giveaway.

  6. No way! I love game shows, but not that kind!

  7. I don't think I'd go on a game show to find a spouse--luckily, I'm already married!


  8. If I weren't married, I would go on a game show. It would probably be called Senior Discount Dating,

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  11. Oh I would never be able to go on a game show, but I really do love watching them on TV and reading about them in books!

  12. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway and review

  13. Thanks so much for hosting me these few weeks. I've so enjoyed all the comments from everyone.

    Also, thanks to everyone who has entered to win a signed copy of my debut novel, Lord Bachelor!

  14. No, I wouldn't. Thanks for the chance.