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The Doctor's Daughter: The Choice by Belle Blackburn

The Doctor's Daughter: The Choice
by Belle Blackburn

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Demonbreun Press (August 19, 2016)
Publication Date: August 19, 2016
Genre: Historical Fiction | Family Saga | Civil War
Print Length: 423 pages
Available from: Amazon

Kate married into a powerful Confederate family for all the wrong reasons, only to discover her true love from the past. Her father-in-law locks horns with Andrew Johnson, military governor of occupied Nashville, and he turns their world upside-down. Murder, deception and a missing Union soldier changes their lives forever. Kate has made bad choices before. Can she make the right one this time?

The Doctor's Daughter: The Choice by Belle Blackburn

The Doctor's Daughter: The ChoiceShe wanted the murderer to pay for her father’s death, so when she had the chance to marry into a wealthy and powerful Confederate family, she ignored her heart and took it. When the war between the North and South came to Nashville, all of the wealth, prestige and power of her new family was taken by the union forces after her father-in-law humiliated and tricked the military governor. Forced to move into her mother’s one bedroom shack, Kate and her wealthy in-laws learned the true meaning of being “wealthy,” of hard work and of the joy of giving of one’s self, appearances be damned. All but one, Kate’s husband, Brice whose ingrained pompous and overbearing attitude made life as his wife an unpleasant chore.

Then there was Danny, the boy she always thought of as her best friend, the boy she grew up with, but he wasn’t a boy anymore and long ago, their hearts blurred the lines between friendship and love, but Kate’s need for revenge blinded her to what she was giving up. Coming back home was difficult, but seeing Danny again nearly crushed her.

Follow the saga of war, love, and the strange allies it can make as one family learns to be humble and one young woman learns that there is more to life than living with a deal made with the devil. Live within the confines of this slice of the horrors that resulted when this country was torn in two, where not only the color of one’s skin was cause for hatred, but the color of one’s uniform made enemies out of strangers and family alike. These were the worst of times, when humanity was losing the battle with itself and rivers of blood were spilled. These were also the best of times when hearts blinded by power and wealth, as well as poverty and submission were united in a common cause, survival. For Kate, it is a time of guilt, of shame and of admitting to herself that life without love wasn’t worth living, but would the cost of her personal freedom weigh too heavily on her heart to take a chance on happiness?

Belle Blackburn’s The Doctor’s Daughter: The Choice is a fascinating and gripping story of war, change and hope in one of this country’s darkest hours. Rich details, characters that have lifelike personalities, conflicts and real human flaws bring a slice of history to life in all of its tarnished glory.

I received this copy from Belle Blackburn in exchange for my honest review.


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