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The Never Side a Journey Home by A J Shadows

The Never Side a Journey Home
by A J Shadows

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: April 21, 2016
Publisher: A.J. Shadows
ISBN-13: 9781523232475
Genre: Fantasy - Young Teen | YA
Print Length: 154 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Alexander a confused teen boy like no other, a keeper of power beyond belief, is abandoned as a baby in the mortal world on the doorstep of a corrupt orphanage, where he begins his journey as an outcast, only to be left living on the streets of London after a mishap during a daily beating. Then cold, hungry and alone in 2017 at the age of 14 and close to Christmas and his Birthday, Alexander is chased relentlessly by all, but to no avail as he himself and powers continue to grow, as a mysterious figure watches from a far while lending a hand when overdue. Then after meeting the mysterious figure on cold frosty, heart racing night, Alexander is taken to a place where he is given the chose to learn who is and where he's from, as he is trained by the best to learn to control his powers before returning to the weird and wonderful realm of the not too far away world of The Never Side. Where everything is not quite as it seems or was as he struggles to find his feet as the flames of battle between light and dark is relit, bring terror and pain to all, as alliances are formed and the mysteries of the realms are unravelled as Alexander finally excepts his fate, while trying to gain the trust and support of those he must lead to freedom.

The Never Side a Journey Home by A J Shadows

The Never Side a Journey HomeHe was abandoned. A foundling on the doorstep of a despicable orphanage and he never fit in. Alexander has never known kindness or love or a sense of closeness to anyone. Bullied, beaten and ignored, how much can one boy take? What did he ever do to be treated so coldly? How long can he keep his anger in check? How long before he needs to strike out in retaliation? The answer came at the age of fourteen when his pent up anger boiled over and a stranger came forward to offer him the answers he has longed for. Does he trust him? Could it be any worse than the life he has led? Does this stranger really know about his parents?

Alex has learned he is from The Never, another reality where magic prevails, and war has ravaged the land. Alex has powers far beyond what even he knows, they are wild and must be tamed and this old, mysterious man is just the person to do it, but only Alex can choose whether to go “home’ to face his true destiny among his people in a world he knows nothing about.

Hang on for another hidden gem as A.J. Shadows brings The Never Side-A Journey Home to life with a heart-clenching tale of a boy who has suffered far more than anyone should, as he discovers a new world, his world and the role he is expected to play in its survival. A.J. Shadows has created a tale for young and old alike, the battle of good against evil, perfect for younger readers as well as YA and above. Feel the pain and confusion of a young teen as he struggles with the need for acceptance, his unfamiliar feelings toward a young female warrior in training and the hope to finally find a place where he belongs.

A.J. Shadows has a gift for writing that will entice younger readers to use their imagination to picture each scene, feel each emotion and to walk step by step alongside Alex on his incredible journey.

I received this copy from A.J. Shadows in exchange for my honest review.

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