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The Path of Decisions by Mike Shelton (The Cremelino Prophecy Book 2)

The Path of Decisions
by Mike Shelton

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Cremelino Prophecy - Book 2
Publication Date: May 4, 2016
Publisher: Mike Shelton
Genre: Fantasy Coming of Age
Print Length: 330 pages
Available from: Amazon

“Forgotten lines of ancient magic and the power of the throne. One will make them both his own if his heart sees the true power. He will bring light to fight darkness and love to fight hate if he reaches into the power of his heart...” So continues the ancient Cremelino Prophecy.

Darius San Williams, now the first commander of the King’s Elite Army struggles with his emerging powers. After winning his first battle against external foes, he must decide now to follow the King or to take matters in his own hands. Back in Anikari Christine wrestles with how to confront oppression against her people, while in Belor, Kelln must escape the clutches of an evil wizard and warn Darius. Mezar, the captured Gildanian quietly watches everything closely and harbors a secret of his own. Each of their decisions will determine the fate and destiny of their friendship and their kingdom.

The Path of Decisions by Mike Shelton
(The Cremelino Prophecy Book 2)

The Path of Decisions (The Cremelino Prophecy Book 2)A brilliant coming of age story filled with magic, deceit, doubts and evil, all as an ancient prophecy is about to be fulfilled. Mike Shelton takes us back into the world of the Cremelino Prophecy, to a realm where magic has been outlawed, kept secret and even abused for vile purposes. The Path of Decisions finds Darius struggling with both his magical powers and the power of being the head of the King’s Elite Army. Has his position skewed his perception of his duties? Does he dare to think he knows more than the King? Will his decisions prove to be the death of his people or will he find humility in the truths he learns on his way to true manhood?

At home in Anikari the divide between the classes grows and Christine faces a growing unrest as she tries to tame the oppression her people face. Kelln has news of an evil wizard with his own destructive plans, but is being held prisoner, and the King has called for Darius. The turmoil is reaching a fever pitch and the chaos is of epic proportions. Is this what the prophecy meant or is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Mike Shelton has brought the magic back into fantasy reading for all ages from the magical Cremelino horses to the bond of friendship and love between three teens who dare to face the world in front of them head on. Beautiful descriptions, daring actions and startling revelations that will keep even a reluctant reader completely invested!

I received this copy from Mike Shelton in exchange for my honest review.

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