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Touching Charlotte by Lyn Horner (Romancing the Guardians #4)

Touching Charlotte
by Lyn Horner

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Romancing the Guardians - Book 4
Publisher: Lyn Horner (May 26, 2016)
Publication Date: May 26, 2016
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 155 pages
Available from: Amazon

How can a man hope to get close to a woman who can’t stand to be touched? That’s the dilemma facing Tristan Jameson when he meets Charlotte Dixon.

Tristan is a former NYPD cop turned celebrity pastry chef and author. Bereft by the death of his fiancée two years earlier, he has no desire for a new romance, until a gorgeous redhead catches his eye at a stuffy Park Avenue Christmas party. Not only is she beautiful, the lady also snares his culinary interest with delicious homemade cookies. But when he innocently touches her, she turns pale and runs from him.

Charlotte is a Guardian of Danu charged with protecting one of seven valuable scrolls handed down through time by her ancestors. She works as a nurse-companion for a disabled girl, living in a lonely mansion on Long Island’s Gold Coast – Great Gatsby country.

Like all of the Guardians, Char possesses a unique psychic gift, in her case the empathic ability to absorb other people’s emotions, especially through touch. When Tristan brushes her arm, lingering pain over his lost love floods her senses. She tries to escape but he catches up and demands an explanation.

So begins a romance complicated by Char’s responsibility for her young charge and her sworn duty as a Guardian. Surprise guests and evil enemies threaten to destroy their one chance for happiness. Will Tristan overcome such obstacles to win his lady? Can she trust him with terrible secrets? Find the answers in Touching Charlotte.

Touching Charlotte by Lyn Horner 
(Romancing the Guardians #4)

Charlotte is an empath, for her, a single touch from another can send her reeling into an abyss of pain as she feels what others feel. She is also a hired companion to a wealthy, young, disabled teen whose very existence is an abhorrence to her mother. It was the night of an “all for show” Christmas party that she would discover that not all touch is painful, but can be beautiful, as well.

Tristan only came to the over-done party to see his young cousin, but he had no idea that the latest nanny would set his very soul on fire, too bad his very innocent touch sent her reeling and her explanation was completely unbelievable.

Charlotte carries another secret, an oath to protect one of seven ancient scrolls has been part of her heritage for centuries, and now evil is coming for them and will stop at nothing to achieve their goal of wealth and power.

As trouble breathes its foul breath down their necks the race is on to find all of the protectors and Charlotte and Tristan find their own salvation in love. But what of the others? What of the innocents that will be harmed? Dangerous times bring out the best and worst in people, no matter their calling and Lyn Horner proves that a light touch of the paranormal blended with the human emotion of true love makes for an exciting and romantic read like Touching Charlotte.

Ms. Horner takes us gently into her story by introducing the relationship between a sweet and damaged young girl with her kind-hearted companion and protector. As she fills out her world with more detail, her characters come to life and their true multi-faceted personalities are born! A fabulous read when blood and gore are not necessary in over-abundance and the romance is sweet, instead of raw and animalistic.

I received this copy from Lyn Horner in exchange for my honest review.I received this copy from Lyn Horner in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Thank you, Dianne, for your lovely review of Touching Charlotte! I truly appreciate your support. Profiling Nathan, book 5 in this series is in the works.