Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bloodstone by Sydney Bristow (Echoes of Eternity,#3)

by Sydney Bristow

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Echoes of Eternity - Book 3
Publication Date: June 24, 2016
Publisher: Sydney Bristow
Genre: New Adult Fantasy | Magic
Print Length: 239 pages
Available from: Amazon
 Sibling rivalry turns deadly...

As Zephora recruits new paranormal creatures to battle Serena and her friends, Celestina divulges a chilling prophecy that a loved one will soon leave this dimension forever, while buried secrets about Zephora uncover the motivations behind the mysterious underworld creature named Mephisto.

But when Serena and Nolan drastically alter Celestina's destiny, Alexis transforms mere sibling rivalry into an obsessive devotion to kill Serena. If fulfilled, this quest will destroy a spell that has kept the hordes of hell from entering this dimension for nearly one century!

Bloodstone by Sydney Bristow (Echoes of Eternity,#3)

Bloodstone: a New Adult Fantasy Novel (An Echoes of Eterntity Novel Book 3)Anyone with a brother or sister KNOWS that sometimes you just cannot avoid clashing, no matter how close you are or even if you have that “twin thing.” For Serena and Alexis that rivalry is about to become even more ugly and young Celestina will be the pawn in the middle, the ace up the sleeve and the one person who may be able to see the outcome. Caught between an aunt she has just found and a mother who tolerates her because only she knows the extent of Celestina’s power, this mere thirteen-year-old just may have the potential to be the most powerful weapon since dark and light magic began.

Zephora is on a recruiting mission to take Serena down, Celestina reveals a deadly prophecy and the horrors from the pits of hell are just waiting at the gates to demolish humanity and make our world their vile playground. All that stands between her and victory is Serena and her band of allies and some buried secrets that can change the game and expose the machinations of the underworld monster, Mephisto.

Sydney Bristow is back with Bloodstone and the tension runs even hotter as the flames of Hell threaten to torch humanity and all that is good. Two sisters, one good, one twisted and the pain inflicted on a young and powerful girl will break your heart as Ms. Bristow unleashes another action-packed supernatural tale of good versus evil. From page one, the plot twists, thickens and almost runs rampant, controlled only by the skill of this fine author. You will love, or hate and even feel sorry for these life-like characters. From the fabulous dialogue, to the creative action, this is one non-stop thrill ride to the end, so buckle in, and hang on tight as "dysfunctional family" issues are taken to the next level!

I received this copy from Sydney Bristow in exchange for my honest review.

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